Clairaudience or something else?

So I was meditating earlier and decided to meditate on the silence to work on my clairaudience. Weirdly enough I start to hear what sounds like radio static. It started off sounding like music then like static as if your tuning a radio. I asked internally for a spirit I’m close with to try and talk to me to see if I heard anything and I made out what sounded like a laugh. I heard something else but I couldn’t understand it as clearly.

Here’s the crazy part , its only in my left ear. I thought maybe it was the sound of my fans air hitting the wall but it couldn’t be.

Why would I only hear it in one ear ?


Correct me if i’m wrong. But clairaudience can come in different ways. Hearing from one side is quite normal, i think a teaching vid mentioned this


Besides the static are there any other signs that are effecting you, have you seen the color orange flash in your mind or heard childish voices?

@lawclerk I see several colors flash in my mind when I meditate. I haven’t heard any childish voices though

This is exactly how my clairaudience started I hear voices in the static noise. If you practice hearing it comes quick. And it’s so funny you mention it it only is in my left ear to. I used to only be able to make out a word now I can hear whole sentences. Recently I have heard single words like someone is in the room with me but it’s so random and not when I’m listening. Idk if my clairaudience is evolving or what it is. But also make sure you are talking to something sometimes it’s easy to hear your heart beat in the static and think it’s a spirit.