Clairaudience meditation! Thoughts and input?

Well I decided to work on my clairaudience, since it’s still poorly developed. My clairsentience is the strongest, and clairvoyance is improved…however I’m very poorly developed in clairaudience still (despite the past work I put into it).

What I did was place a aqua aura point Crystal (small one) on my throat (while lying down), and listened to some throat chakra meditation (singing bowls). I imagined my throat chakra as a blue glowing energetic circle while breathing energy (clean, pure) into it, then breathing out dirty muddied energy (to clear up any blockages and get energy flowing).

I also imagined the aqua aura point becoming part of my throat/merging with the chakra and adding energy to it

While doing this I did the same with the minor energy points for the ears. I noticed while doing this, that when I’m listening to the meditation “music” I’ll sometimes hear faint whispering, and at one point I heard a female voice laugh. (I did have entities with me during this). This seems to only really happen when I’m meditating and not expecting it. Like either very quiet in my mind, or thinking about something unrelated.

I struggle to hear if I’m expecting/wanting to hear. The female laughter/chuckle (sounded like a soft voice but mature) made my heart race, I wasn’t really expecting that lol.

The laughter I heard more clearly then the whispering which I can almost never make out what “may” being said

Any thoughts/input?