Clairaudience , how does it really work?

I’m curious as I’m not really that clairaudient. All the videos I’ve watched and articles I’ve read said clairaudience is mostly telepathic but a lot of people here say they are able to hear spirits physically as well.

I’ve read it sounds like it comes from behind the inner ears and feels a little different than someone physically talking but more or less it’s not coming from the mind and it’s very clear it’s a different voice.

This is what I want to be able to do. When I evoke an entity I want to be able to hear it loud and clear in its own voice.

I’ve only heard a spirit communicate like that with me twice. Once when I was between being asleep and awake , the spirit actually woke me up and came to me.

The second time was when I was blinded with rage and felt betrayed by someone and was ready to confront them. I heard a female voice call out my name as if right next to me.

I believe now it was a warning because it caused a lot of unnecessary strife that day but I was boiling so I wasn’t thinking clearly.

Anyway that telepathic shit isn’t enough for me. I can’t differentiate between my voice and the spirits.

So is it possible to train your clairaudience to hear a spirit physically like that every time you want to contact it ?


Spirits communicate directly to your mind at there will and direction. There are clear indicators that it is a spirit with there telltale signs and voice. You should be able to clearly differentiate between your thoughts and voice from the spirit.


It sounds like you already have it. From all my years of study on this subject, honestly what would expand your psychic senses is to take ayahuasca. My mother did LSD when she was pregnant with me. I have always being a paranormal sponge to the point of absorbing the physical and mental sickness of others. The DMT ayahuasca experience opens the pineal.


I listened to binaural beats for the pineal gland and opening chakras to assist with my clairaudience, which was hit and miss and it really helped. Also I started wearing the gemstones of the 7 chakra several days a week and it’s made a good difference. That might help you too.


Work on your chakras, all seven of them. At the very least find a mantra and a mudra for each.

The following article is extremely basic, but it will help you. I go through one chakra a day, starting with the Muladhara (Root) Chakra on Sunday all the way through to the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra on Saturday.

Slava Bogum


I kind of wonder this too. I can communicate with spirits telepathically where they come in separate from my string of thought, but they have “voices” that are different from what I “sound” like to myself in my head as well. Is that the same thing as clairaudience or will I be able to hear them the same as I can hear someone sitting next to me?

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