Circled vs un-circled sigils

Which ones are best to contact demons? It says in the Daemonolatry Goetia that you should use the circled sigils if you want to invoke the demon specifically and un-circled if generally, but I’m not sure what that means.

In my experience, it really doesn’t matter. The circle around the sigil simply helps the magician focus. It isn’t really needed.

To me. it seems that the classic sigils from the Goetia are circled just so the name of the demon could be written around it :slight_smile:

When I evoke, I rarely put a circle around the sigil. I used to always do so because it helped me focus, but when I got EA’s evocation course, i saw that he would just draw the sigil without one, so now I only do so for the more complex sigils.

I cannot speak about S. Connelly’s Demonalatry Goetia because I’m not a demonalator, but I have noticed no difference between a circled and non circled sigil.