unwanted spirit ,elemental i suppose entered my moms etheric body, his eye showed some thing to me that i really freaked out, because of my follish reckless invocation
.i cast a salt circle call on the spirit that attached my mom and invoke godess sekhmet to making them go and how wonderfull is she in protecting and banishinghail sekhmet, it helped i burn some sage ,chamomilla rosemary and now she is far better. i want to drawa circle for my meditation and ritual, not solomonic ones. a circle that a beginner LHP could use. what would do you propose to drawing on its premeters? do i need one?

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If YOU feel you need it then go for it. It all depends on you.

If you feel like you need a circle you could always use EA’s Universal Circle design. You can find it on the main website, and there is a bunch of info about the Universal Circle on the forum if you search for it that will basically answer all your questions on it.

If you go the universal circle route I have a HD image of both the universal circle and Solomon’s


I recommend the simple circle EA uses in his book Works of Darkness.

Fill yourself with energy, and channel it either through your athame or the index finger of your dominant hand. Project the energy forth from your finger/blade and, turning in place clockwise, see it searing a circle of blazing blue fire around you.


i thoght may i am not allowed to use his UC , i dont know how to charge it.i would be gratefull if you send it to me.

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ok, thank you. how can i get access to book?

Simple. You buy it.

However, you don’t need the book. I already gave you the instructions to cast a circle “for meditation and ritual” and that is what you said you wanted.


thank you i didnot find e a I D i have not credit card. but az soon as we can get out of iran i will buy the book. i am glad that i can at least use his UC with his permision.

Yes, you can draw your own UC, but what I gave you is easier. It requires nothing but visualisation.