Circle of invocation

I recently asked a question about calling angels without a circle and I got very wonderful ideas and experiences. One important idea shared was using the circle because one might not know much of the said angel being called, but I would like to know what about performing invocation on the well known angels like Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Rapheal.
Has anyone done invocation on them without using a circle or performing LBRP?

I’ve used the process in Damon Brand’s Archangel’s of Magick to invoke Uriel without doing any sort of banishing ritual or circle casting. I did use a simple banishing incantation before hand though just to clear the area.

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I never use the LBRP, and my use of a circle is to bring focus to myself not protection - I don’t do Solomonic magic, though I do practice some techniques developed by mages influenced by Solomonic tradition. Unless you count my wards as my circle I guess.

If by ‘invoke’ you mean draw down or otherwise bring presence, I find them intense but aloof. Except for Michael who’s just in-your-face intense ime. The one I know best is Raphael. I’d call him professional.
I haven’t to date requested these particular beings to manifest through me as in invite-to-possess-me style invocation.