Circle construction in a pinch

I’m curious to hear what some of you have used in the construction of your evocation circles (or similar), outside of a “perfect” situation. In a pinch if you will, I was looking through some of my past journals today, and found a evocation I had done about 8 years ago, long story short, i had driven out to a extremely remote location in North Eastern Minnesota, and had planned it very carefully, I had made a massive jar of ground chalk to use for the construction of my circle and triangle, but as these things go sometimes, I arrived, started packing my tools into my hiking backpack, and low and behold, Chalk was left at home (string of profanity later) I had a long line of thin nylon rope I kept in my trunks “emergency” tote, and ended using this to construct my circle and triangle, it worked just fine in the end, and I have used rope for such things numerous times since.
So what methods have you had to use in a pinch, or developed out of necessity?

An old red sheet I painted with black linework. Rolls up for travel/storage.

Outside I would just point my finger or an athame/wand etc and make a circle with pure energy, then suck it back in at the end.

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