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  • Andrew D. Chumbley
    Source: [I]The Hermit, Opuscula Magica, Vol. 1[/I]

Reminds me somewhat of this excellent post over on E.A.'s facebook by forum member Nick Bonelli:

It’s a fascinating area, and it’s the one I’m mainly working on at the moment.

Bonelli’s post is quite interesting to me because I have experienced similar phenomenon and thoughts and what it suggests to me are several things including the fluidity of reality on a certain level. But beyond that and more importantly it is relative to the whole theme of Balg in the possibility of some of these conditions being symptomatic of the ascent to “godhood”. I believe if one is experiencing the sensation of reality becoming like a lucid dream on steroids and you’re feeling the key to the control room in your pocket while synchronicity is occurring regularly around you then you are doing something right. When one is dreaming you generally don’t realize it but once the dream becomes lucid you suddenly realize you’re running the whole show, you’re king or queen of the dream realm occurring inside your skull and it’s your world to do anything you want. In that brief window of opportunity between the lucid dream and waking consciousness suddenly every illusion in that dream is subject to your Will. I think what occurs in waking reality with the magician is those psychic and physiological changes can supercharge the consciousness to that higher awakening where the “ascension to godhood” is where a person starts to shift into becoming an alpha consciousness, or as I like to call it an “alpha dreamer” because you realize reality is similar to a dream just with a little more reality substance about it. Here’s the rub and here’s where I will try to be as clear as I can although this gets a little abstract and is sometimes difficult for me to articulate. I can’t just sit here and say you all are figments of my imagination and I am the only one here that’s truly real. We each are the centers of our own ego “I AM” consciousness that are all offshoots like limbs of the greater collective consciousness “I AM”, we all are coming from that same center, each individual is that same “I AM” that we all experience. Here’s what I suspect may sometimes occur. Through the work an individual point of “I AM” can become so strong that it ascends higher than the most of the other “I AM’s” and, as if in a dream, this reality takes on a texture like an extremely lucid dream and it is at that point one begins to awaken to one’s own incredible power where he or she starts to become one of the limbs capable of steering the Organism of Reality. You begin to ascend the pyramid of consciousness and start to realize the higher you are able to go the more you can control this living dream we call waking reality. This world is just another dream with a higher concentration of “reality building blocks” to give it more substance and solidity than a sleeping dream. The Alpha Dreamer controls the Dream. Become an Alpha Dreamer and you can start to control the Dream.

Yes - I hit that state through my initial RHP work (though I actually remember having it in a terrifyingly decontextualised form as a child, and realising after those horrible moments of psychic vertigo that things that were in my head would happen in reality) - controlling that stuff is basically what prompted me to join this site after I found it by chance, because I figured there’d be useful stuff here.

As an adult, when I attained that state in my RHP “Want to merge with Source” period, I discovered that everything in my life that mattered to me at the time, my political activism, my friends and enemies, were all aspects of my own psyche being played out as roles by other people. Reality and everything in it was literally a mirror for my own flaws and other mental artefacts.

And of course this included REAL people - for whom I (Eva) was undoubtedly just a similar splinter of their mind’s eye… :slight_smile:

At that time I got a bit of grip on making changes to reality, including manifesting and de-manifesting stuff, but part of my path at that time was to avoid “distracting siddhis” so I actively limited that - I’ve had some success recently using more LHP (isolate consciousness) methods and it’s the core of my work at the moment, though I have a few other things going on.

Crazy stuff, I’m really hoping Nick logs in again soon because it would be cool to have a chat about it all!

Continuing on this theme, I’m reading a Donald Tyson book, the first Tyson book that I’ve read although I’ve been familiar with him for years and am now asking myself why I haven’t already read some of his stuff. He makes some brilliant observations and statements at times. Here is a quote I came across tonight relative to this topic;

The world is not some fixed and eternal sculpture fashioned by a divine being ages ago from which you are forever separate. It is created by you from moment to moment within your mind from the substance of your mind. This act of creation occurs below the surface of your consciousness. Magic allows you to gain access to the levels that create your world so that you can to a greater or lesser extent control the pattern of the creative process.

– from Ritual Magic by Donald Tyson