Christmas present group readings 2021

Here is a Christmas present group readings from me to all. What do you need to know before 2022?
I’ll be using these decks.

Please don’t comment until I post all 4 group readings separately in the comments.

Remember to take this with a bucket of salt! And if you have any tips on what can I improve on please share. Thanks and good day to all! :partying_face:


Group 1

6 Mountain

“You have the capacity to flow around any obstacle. This is the time to adapt.”
Sometimes you’ll come across what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle, like a huge mountain that separates you from your success. You might think that climbing it or chiseling away at it is the answer . . . but why take such a treacherous, tedious approach? Be like the rivers that flow around mountains naturally. You’ll move past this obstacle relatively quickly if you choose the easy way around. This is the time to adapt to your circumstances. If you do decide to climb, remember to take one step at a time, opting for the next right action.

The Mountain card reminds you that flow is your key word right now. There may be obstacles in your way as you move through your week and the easiest way to traverse them is not by climbing over them, but through allowing yourself to be like water and flow around them. Many of these obstacles are more perceived impediments than they are immovable obstructions. Step back and ask yourself: What is it that I’m being resistant to? Why am I holding onto my old beliefs/thoughts/patterns? Are they serving me? As you explore these questions, understand that an open mind and fluid attitude can be much more empowering for you. Open to the beauty of possibility and remember that it is limitless in nature if you just step out of your own way and allow for the energies to flow!

2 The Andean Cross:

The Andean Cross represents the cosmology of the shaman. It depicts the four cardinal directions, the upper and lower worlds, and the steps to reach these realms. The hole in the center is a gateway to interdimensional travel, the proverbial eye of the needle we can all go through to experience higher states of awareness and wisdom and to break free of linear time.

The Andean Cross announces the start to a great journey. It’s time to raise your gaze from the mundane day-to-day to that which, until now, has seemed beyond your grasp. Allow new wisdom to guide you and stop trying to make sense of it all before you respond with a resounding yes.

51: Messages. Deadlines. Anticipation.

“Waiting, waiting, waiting. All my life, I’ve been waiting for my life to begin, as if somehow my life was ahead of me, and that someday I would arrive at it.” - CAMRYN MANHEIM
Waiting for a message to arrive can bring anxiety, fear, hope, good news or bad news, acceptance or rejection. A ticking clock counts down the time remaining.
A young woman has been waiting anxiously, and the sleeping dog suggests she has done so for some time. The phone is silent, and the bouquet of roses suggest a previous response was received, but from whom? The same sender or someone else? Either way the anticipated answer finally arrives, but by now the clock indicates that the hour is passed. Just in time or too late?
The process of waiting for a response isn’t merely one of passing the time patiently. The immediacy or tardiness of the response may also provide some insight beyond the message itself. A deadline imposed may be tied to a condition or ultimatum. Is there flexibility or has the opportunity been lost?

Tiger . Fire:

“I choose to be unstoppable. My passion is my power. I am bold. I am brave. Mighty forces come to my aid.”
Tiger: Strength, will, stealth, invisibility, passion, sexuality, yin-yang, balance, fluid movement, Fiery devotion, solitary ambition, fierce, determined.
If you have Tiger as totem know that you are accompanied by a fierce guardian. Solitary Lords of the jungle, tigers are symbols for royalty, dominance and passion. They are born helpless and blind and later develop heightened senses and inner sight to survive. Tiger people are naturally clairvoyant. They are aware of many unseen things and can sense the extraordinary opportunities around them. When you meet a Tiger person expect them to stare through you to your deepest soul. Tiger people need time alone to regenerate their tremendous energy.
If Tiger is your totem you need a lot of solitude. You are afraid of nothing and your determination is astounding. You are a famous lover and your passions are intense. Do not exhaust yourself sprinting through life. It may be better for you to stalk your dreams steadily to conserve your power. Tiger medicine helps you to balance your dark and light stripes, your yin and yang, your time in the world and your time alone, your fierceness and gentleness and your aggression and peace. Call upon Tiger to teach you to move tirelessly and steadily through life. Adventure, beauty, grace, passion and power are natural to the one who has Tiger as totem.
Are you tired from rushing around? Rest.
Have your passions gotten the better of you?
Is your aggressive nature getting you in trouble?
Remember to keep your life in balance.


The familiar image of the stage is often used as a metaphor for the human experience. Iconic masks of comedy and tragedy, ancient symbols of theatrical culture, invoke a spectrum of extreme human emotion. Captured here is the vision of an actress. The red of the curtain, her shoes, and flower in her hair combine to intensify the atmosphere of vitality and passion. She holds a feathered mask in her right hand. Her bold and sweeping pose could be communicating many things, but in the absence of words, the audience is left to interprate the relationship between actress and mask through the lens of perception.
This card highlights the skill of perception, which encompasses the realm of intuition and extra-sensory perception. It is at work while divining with Oracle cards, or indeed any system of divination. While the Perception card invites you to be open to its gifts, realise that like the actress, it has equal power to delude as it does 5o facilitate clear thinking.
Residue from past experiences, the roles we currently play, and our desires and goals for the future can all color the way we perceive. By being mindful of these potential influences, we can be free from their limitations. Stand back from the play of life as part of the audience, to not only enjoy a better view, but to gain a greater appreciation of the storyline.

Contemplate how you look at the world. Through what eyes do you see? Do you peer through those of prejudice or judgment? Are you viewing your present circumstances by projecting your past?
This is the time to slow down to observe from all angles. This calls for objectivity and a willingness to examine your life and others’ through a neutral pair of eyes. Within you, awareness is transcending your ego’s separated sense of self. Rise above it—see through your soul and know that things aren’t always what they appear to be.
Perhaps all you need to do is to relax and put on another pair of glasses; then what is in front of you might be magically transformed. Perception is everything. Take no further action until you see how this message applies to your current situation. Then once you’ve shifted your perception, you may find that this was all that you needed to do!

Seer: See Beyond the Current Situation

Message: Look beyond your current situation. Raise your vibration and focus on love.

Most indigenous peoples have a seer in the family or tribe. Seers are the intelligent and intuitive beings who serve as direct channels for information on what’s occurring now and what’s about to unfold. Their energy isn’t about predicting your future for you, but about showing you how your intentions are creating it. A true seer will help you see that your intentions can change, therefore so can your future. The message of this card is to let the clairvoyant within you rise up so that you can see the way forward yourself, with your spiritual eyes.

Extended Message:
Clairvoyance isn’t just about predicting the future, it’s about being able to see clearly enough to create your best future. You are being encouraged by your ancestral guides and angels to see beyond what you think is happening now. Don’t allow your ego or doubts to play games with you. Instead of seeing yourself as stuck or lost, know you’re in an energetic holding space while the universe recalibrates a path that is more favorable for you. Angels of light are upgrading your energy so your experiences can be more enjoyable. You are moving towards something extremely uplifting and enlightening, so stay calm and keep your eyes on the prize.

Group 2

42 Wide Open:

"You are free to express your uniqueness to the world and share in all the bounty of life’s endless possibilities.”

All manner of opportunities are presented to you at this time. The Wide Open card is a signal that you are able to truly manifest your dreams and that your goals are in sight. Do not remain small and contracted. Instead, expand your horizons beyond what you believe to be your limitations. You have a unique voice that needs to be expressed in the world. The universe is supportive of new ideas and approaches at this time, so speak up and speak out.
This card is the sign of the maverick who freely roams the wide open space of possibility. Allow for a greater vision to replace old ideas as you dream a grander dream.

As we open up, we may wish to open those around us to what we are experiencing. Unfortunately, this cannot really be done. We cannot drag someone up to our vibrational frequency, no matter how good willed we are, or how we wish to work only for their highest good. People can only meet us where they are at at that particular moment in time. We may understand things faster, we may experience shifts in perception or perspective that they have not yet undergone. But we cannot experience these for anyone else, no matter how much it would benefit them. You can lead a horse to water, but you simply cannot and should not try to force them to drink.
But you can inspire them. You can step into your own power, open your heart wide, and be everything you ever wanted them to be. If they are ready to meet you there, they will come. If you are meant to be together in this part of your journey, they will come.

12 The Coyote reversed:

The Coyote is the symbol of the sacred trickster, the one who provides detours for growth and understanding by ensuring that things don’t go as planned. The Coyote brings the energy of divine deception to set you free from the shackles of that which doesn’t serve you. Sometimes it appears that you will get everything you want, only to find that Coyote brings you the opposite of what you hoped for. The lessons offered by Coyote may at first appear confusing, but they are most sacred and always for your highest good.

Are you being seduced by what you think you desire? Could it be that the more superficial, sparkly, shiny aspects of your ambition led you in this moment? Perhaps you feel that in order to get what you desire, you have to compromise yourself, control others, or manipulate situations to ensure your goal is met? Coyote howls in the shadows to remind you that this may be a lesson too painful to learn. Beware the shallow waters right now. Something or someone might pretend to be deep, but that doesn’t make them so, no matter how seductive their superficial traits and how beautiful or sparkly they appear. All that glitters there will not turn up gold, no matter how many wishes you make to change that.

23: providing Shelter.

“Home is a shelter from storms - all sorts of storms” - WILLIAM J. BENNETT
Our relationship with the natural world is at it’s lowest ebb, and as humans we are becoming increasingly detached. Our physical lives may have been made more comfortable by our technical advances but our spiritual lives may be diminished.
A woman transforms her body with a symbolic tree, as she offers support and safety to nature. The sincerity of her offer is accepted and returned with complete trust. A warm glow is generated from that interaction. In the distance a unicorn notices and looks on approvingly, but ironically there is a sad poignancy in his attention. Is it that this magical creature has seen so few of such acts?
Despite the overall trend there is hope in that we are at least aware of our damaging imprint and an increasing acknowledgement are desire to redress the imbalance.

Hawk. Messenger:

“Spirit is sending you messages. Open your greater vision to see the signs. Focus on priorities and eliminate distractions. You have a bright future. Let yourself ascend to new heights.”
Hawk: Courage, swiftness, clear sight, focus, intensity, premonition, fidelity, higher purpose, discernment, messages from spirit.
The Hawk, with its extraordinary vision and high vantage point, has the ability to see what others cannot. Hawks are associated with the realms of the ancient gods. Jupiter and Mercury both had Hawk as their ally. Hawk is often called “Messenger of the gods.” To see a Hawk or hear its shrill cry can be a warning to be more aware. Look to all the details and omens to pause and reflect on what may be amiss. Hawks mate for life and the pair raises their young in a strong and secure nest. Hawks look out for family. When embroiled in family issues take flight and breathe the fresh air. Too much emotion can cloud Hawk’s clear vision.
Hawk always means Spirit is at hand. Hawk people benefit from focus and sharp observation to guide them to a best outcome. They believe in a bright future because they soar above others and see the way to success in all ventures. Optimism is one of Hawk’s virtues. If Hawk calls you it may be wise to spend some time studying the currents of life and follow where they lead. The wind with its power and direction will be your guide. You can fly and reach the sky. You are stronger than you think, braver than you believe and wiser than you know.
Have you lost your “bird’s eye view” and are missing the obvious?
Is it time to get more focused on family or goals?
Are you listening to the Messengers of the Gods?
Or has emotion clouded your perception?


The Stag, a symbol of healing love and fertility, is sacred to the fairies of Ireland and Scotland. Also revered in shamanic culture as a healing totem, the stag instinctively knew which medicinal plants to eat in order to shake off a hunter’s arrow. This image depicts an atmosphere of harmony and ease between the dainty fairy queen and her stag. He peacefully carries her through an enchanted jungle without navigation or the use of reins. The Stag has earned the right to her trust, and the affinity they share is built on a foundation of unspoken understanding.
From an earthly perspective, trust is a fragile flower, difficult to earn but easily broken. At some point in our lives, we must all endure lessons regarding trust, which deepen our understanding of life and enable us to discern more wisely. These components are both integral and vital to our spiritual growth.
When we lose sight of our place within the bigger picture, broken trust can lead to blame and bitterness, restricting our capacity to live in the moment and fully give and receive with a whole heart. Sometimes, hurtful experiences can be seen as blessings that come to test our strength and result in a desire to seek out deeper meanings to life.
The presence of this card highlights your need to trust your judgement, or that of another person or situation. Now may be the time to confront old patterns seeded by a lack of trust, or a propensity to misplace trust in some way.
There are no coincidences in karma, so if you struggle to see the justice in a situation, trust that you are only given what is necessary for your highest good. Look for valuable insights hidden amid disappointment, or the rewards of a wise decision. Both have equal power.
Your relationship to life is a direct reflection of your ability to trust your own powers of discrimination, and to embrace the wisdom of your divine and knowing nature. Allow the power of love to loosen negative attachments, and focus on any areas in need of the soothing presence of trust.

She-wolf: Unleash the Wild Within

Message: Let your wild side up and out! Unleash your talents and your desires.

The She-Wolf is a powerful shamanic soul who is half wolf and half woman. She is the alpha female who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd, or, in this case, pack. She is wild, unfiltered and unfettered. She encourages you not to be trapped by the limiting factors of weaker members of the pack or those who are trying to hunt you down because you have gifts they don’t like or understand. She represents the energy of the wilderness and the unknown, and encourages you to be free and unchained and go beyond boundaries. Release the animal energy within and track down what you need to do to express your true self.

Extended Message
You are being rewilded at this time — guided to reconnect with your rebellious heart, the part of you that likes to break boundaries and go beyond them completely. If you’ve been holding back on your hopes or dreams, you’re being encouraged to chase after them now. Let the wolf energy within help you track down what direction you want to go in, and don’t let any traps or hunters get in the way of your freedom or your growth. The life you want is here!

Group 3

11 Balancing act reversed:

“You are calm within, no matter the fluctuation of outer conditions.”

This is a time when it’s important to address the areas of your life where there is discord. Are you fixated on getting your own way? Are you obsessed with one thing, neglecting essential matters that require your attention? Taking your own inventory is a necessary step toward rebalancing your life, and it’s the only way to reach an equitable solution. Adjust yourself to the conditions of your environment that you have no control over, and balance will come much more easily. If there is to be fairness, it must come from you.

letting go of imbalance sometimes just means LETTING GO. Often that desire to pour so much energy into one or two things results from a mistaken belief that if we don’t do it, if we don’t control it and “make it happen” that it won’t happen at all. But is that really true? Of course not. If you try to act on that belief, your ship will be on the thinnest bubble, balanced on the most precarious thread. Instead, keep some trust in your heart that for things to go as they should, you can have balance in your life, the ability to tend to ALL the things you need to tend to and to take loving care of yourself too.

57 The time master:

Time is a construct of the human mind through which life events are seen to flow in a straight line, from past to future. This, however, is an illusion. Time moves in patterns, fractals, sometimes turning like a wheel and others moving straight as an arrow. Humans see time like a ticking clock, and this image reminds us that there is only so much of it to spend in a life, like a kind of currency. At any given moment, you can see time in all its infinite potential: at once vast and all encompassing, then shrunken and finite. It all depends on perspective.

When the Time Master visits you, he asks a most important question: “Will you break free from limited cause-and-effect thinking by moving beyond the linear illusion, and welcoming the cyclic quality of time?” You find yourself in a moment when the wheel of time turns, and you’re able to influence the past, thus changing the present and future simultaneously! This is the true test of the Time Master. You’re being invited to take back your power, so let go of the past and choose to step into your life. In this moment you are all-powerful. You are the Time Master. Anything is possible now.

35: Solitude. Loneliness. Isolation.

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.” - HANS MARGOLIUS
We all need some “me” time. The family, the job, the groceries, the world… they can all wait. During these few precious moments of escape, they do not exist. I am alone - my only companions are my own thoughts.
A solitary figure sits beneath a golden domed shelter, a raised island of solitude that is separate and distant from others of its kind. Their forms are mirrored in the silent waters below. Here, she embraces her solitude, which provides her with purity and clarity of thought. There are no distractions. Her book is empty, there is nothing to read or enter. Only passing thoughts are present, which are released to float gently in the breeze and drift away.
While such moments can refresh and recharge our spirits, be wary that by degree or frequency, solitude does not become uncontrolled isolation. If the distance between us and others is extended too far, it may become difficult to return.

Lynx. Keeper of secrets:

" Take time out from the world and be the observer. Nothing can deceive you when you trust your knowing. You see others’ secrets and keep them sacred. In silence and solitude you will find your strength."
Lynx: Invisibility, secretive, observer, listener, awareness, clairvoyance, patience, loner, ancient wisdom, shaman’s totem.
Lynx are solitary animals that live in the mountains or in the harsh climate of the cold North. They spend much of their life alone, out of sight and in the shadows. Lynx is the ultimate introvert. This trait is sometimes misinterpreted as aloofness, shyness or arrogance but this is not the case. Lynx people are observers and listeners and prefer the independent life. Those who walk with Lynx will have the uncanny ability to see what others cannot. This includes others’ agendas, fear, hopes and plans. Lynx have long tufts of fur rising from the tips of their ears that act as antenna so Lynx can hear the unspoken word.
If Lynx is your totem you will be difficult to deceive because you are telepathic. You naturally live the life of a mystic. You cannot fulfill your role as Spirit Messenger if your mind is cluttered with the noise of a too busy life. Alone time is essential and secrecy is your medicine. Patience and silence are your friends. As a Lynx person you will find contentment and happiness in reflection and contemplation. Spirit is always by your side.
Are you irritated because you have not had enough alone time?
Don’t tell secrets that you should not. Keep “the cat in the bag.”
“Cat got your tongue?” That’s okay - remember that silence is your friend.
Regain balance in solitude.


A beautiful mermaid relaxes on a rock as she combs her long tresses. Dusk approaches, and the last warm rays of the setting sun give way to the coming night sky. Although the motions of the sea are unpredictable, this is a moment of peace as gentle waves lap against the shoreline and the approaching ship glides towards its destination. Like a wise sentinel, the all-seeing lighthouse presides over the horizon. Three giant pansies crown the scene. In the language of flowers, they symbolizes the remembrance of the deceased.
Mermaids have long been considered figures of enchantment. They used their seductive beauty to beguile sailors, sometimes to their death. But without the sparkling grace of enchantment, the world would be a dull and colorless place. Its delicate aura impassions the spirit and animates the most fantastical dreams and ambitions. Enchantment beckons us to our fullest potential, but can also destroy us if we exist solely to live in the shadow of its spell. Is this siren showing you some new way of seeing, or is she warning of rocky shores, which her light does not illuminate?
Just as the presence of Enchantment can delight, this card also calls for strength of character to discern wise decisions from superficial whims. Only you can determine whether you have been bestowed with a blessing to enjoy, or if you are in danger of being swept away by the tide of unconscious desire or conditioned responses. If you feel safe within the spell of enchantments, go ahead, dive in and explore. But if you are unsure, remember the far-sighted lighthouse; think of the plight of those unfortunate sailors and keep your feet firmly rooted on terrain firma.

Medicine Mother: Honour Your Inner Knowing

Message: Take action. Do what you know you need to do.

‘Mother always knows best,’ they say, and it’s true. We all know a maternal figure who’s extremely intuitive and insightful, and this Medicine Mother has gone through many ups and downs. She has lived and she has lost. She knows what it’s like to suffer and to want to give up. So the medicine of this card is that it’s okay to make mistakes and get it wrong sometimes, and it’s okay for things to come to an end. It’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of one chapter and the beginning of something new. The Medicine Mother reminds you that even though you will have low lows, you aren’t here to suffer - you’re here to be supported and to support others. Let her give you the loving encouragement to take the next step forward.

Extended Message:
There is an old pattern rising up in you now and it’s time to deal with it and release it for good. You’re being encouraged to love and respect yourself enough to take the steps you know you need to take to move closer to where you’d Eke to be. You already know the answers. You know what you need to do. You may have been using delaying tactics or holding back, but now you are being guided to take action. Action requires courage, but your angels and guides are bringing you the courage to move forward. Take just one step. When you do, the next one will be presented to you.

Group 4

51 Moonlight reversed:

“Your intuition allows you to see beyond the mundane. Logical, and analytical. Follow it.”

Too much analysing is getting you nowhere. Stop overthinking things. You maybe exhausted from second-guessing yourself all the time and losing your footing.
Are you insecure about your ability to make good choices? Step back and regroup, and enter into a more trusting relationship with the flow of life. Don’t become overly concerned about perceived mistakes. How will you learn to dance if you don’t occasionally take a misstep? On the moonlit pathways, you can discover love and truth and wondrous things. There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Go play, have fun, stay open, and trust.

The energy of the full moon will stay with us for several days following the actual date of it. Now that you are a clear and open vessel, the Moonlight card asks you to connect more fully with your intuition. As you consider where you are heading, trust the answers that come to you. Your hunches are spot on right now, so believe in yourself, your insights, and the direction that Spirit is leading you. Keep an open mind and heart, use discernment, and open to your higher truth.
With so much going on this week, you may feel tempted to second guess yourself. Moonlight calls to you to trust your intuition and to go within for the answers. When we suspend our need to control the outcome or the way the process looks and allow for the Divine to guide us instead, we open up to limitless possibility. The presence of Owl reminds us to be discerning and to allow our inner wisdom to illuminate the way. Your life is shifting and you are experiencing a lot of transformation and growth. Understanding that much will change around you as this occurs can allow you to feel more empowered in the process. Remember to step back, pause, reflect, and breathe! This is when the voice of Spirit can most easily reach you.

61 Water:

Water symbolizes purification, regeneration, birth, revival, and cleansing. It signifies an evolutionary shift from former self to new self. Many myths around the world speak of a “great flood” and the new life that is revealed after a deluge. Water begins without boundaries. Then, as soon as form has separated itself from water, it comes under the laws of time and life, thus acquiring limitations.

When Water arrives, you’re invited to watch your emotions; know they are going to be changeable, and do not settle on a conclusion at this time. If you feel joy, feel that fully; if you feel sad, allow sadness to move through you. Water invites you to see the ebb and flow of events and trust you can ride the wave of opportunity when it arises. Natural flow is here. Go with it.

49: Assistance. Help. Support.

“I felt a tug. You must be at the end of your rope.” - UNKNOWN
We have trained and we have studied. We have fallen and picked ourselves up to try yet again. Certainly, progress has been made with each effort and each attempt. But sometimes despite it all we have to acknowledge the reality that we can’t do it entirely on our own.
In this imagery, the white doves are visual metaphors for helping hands. The physical support they provide here might take the form of emotional encouragement, financial assistance, or expert advice based on knowledge or previous experience.
The challenge now is to achieve a balance, to offer help but not reliance.

Dog. Friend:

“Today, I will love without condition. My energy and enthusiasm are an inspiration. I choose to be happy. I am a protector and friend.”
Dog: Friendship, protection, discerning, playful, loyal, reliable, obedient, vocal, brave, constant, love.
When we think of the word “Dog” it is often followed by the term “best friend.” Dog people are some of the best companions any of us can have. Those with Dog as totem have a tremendous capacity to love. Dog people are often found helping others and serving humanity. They have an uncanny ability to know the character of others, sniff out problems and sense the truth. Dogs have acute hearing. This gift helps alert others to impending danger.
If Dog is your totem you are a protector, friend and playmate. When you don’t like someone you are very vocal about it. You easily forgive the shortcomings of the human family. You are brave in the face of danger. Dog people have a very kind and loyal nature that can be taken advantage of. Watch out for this and remember to love and protect yourself as well. With Dog as totem you may be drawn to a life of service and will be devoted to your friends and your worthy mission.
Have you forgotten to be your own best friend and take care of yourself?
Are others taking advantage of your generous nature. You can say ‘no.’
Have you been barking too much? You can play more.
Don’t let others abuse your loyalty.

Divine timing:

Portrayed on a fantasy landscape of clouds and falling stars, the mysterious hand of fate writes scripture into the ether, as if recording the karmic destiny of a soul’s earthly sojourn. A rickety clock marks the man-made passage of time. The swing of the heavy pendulum defines a world of opposites, night and day, before and after, spring and autumn, and the tick tock of restrictions created by the constraints of worldly time.
An angel leans nonchalantly against the clock, awaiting her next assignment, while two dragonflies hover overhead. In shamanic culture, the dragonfly is revered for many reasons. Drawn to lakes and flowing water, this powerful totem represents the unconscious mind and the realm of dreams.
The appearance of the Divine Timing card invites you to align with your intuitive nature, while being patient and flexible. Things may happen at a different pace than anticipated or opportunities may spontaneously arise, so be ready for synchronous happenings, unexpected blessings, and sudden endings or beginnings. Divine timing may well gift you with a beautiful happening, but if progress seems thwarted by dead ends in spite of your efforts, look heavenward for guidance. Have faith that your sincere efforts and intentions will be heard. Life doesn’t always manifest is accordance to our will, but there are specific lessons that can only be learned precisely because of frustrating delays or sudden changes. And you never know when those lessons will come in useful.
Take care to guard against blame or becoming the victim of circumstance. Cultivate your ears to hear inner prompts and your eyes to read the signs. Dreams and meditation can reveal valuable insights, which point toward the deeper truths behind recurring events and realign you with the rich, organic flow of divine timing.
Divine providence always delivers what we need, when we need it and for our highest good. THE responsibility lies with each individual to adapt accordingly. Ask for the necessary understanding of why things are as they are, and for any gifts or benefits hidden within the seeming disruption.
If you wonder how divine timing plays a part in your life, reflect on how seemingly unplanned synchronicities have molded your reality today. Consider how unseen forces and connections have led you to this point in your life and in your spiritual development.

Star Ancestor: Follow the Voice of Your Soul

Message: Heed the messages coming directly from your soul.

‘The star ancestors’ is a Native American term for extraterrestrial light beings who are dedicated to the healing and growth of the world. These incredible beings are divine embodiments of love who bring wisdom from the higher realms. Often people feel a sense of connectedness when they look up into the night sky and see the stars. I believe that’s because they are remembering their starry connections, and those are what this card represents. The Star Ancestor is reminding you that you have otherworldly support and that your friends from the stars can help you if you are willing to be helped. They can support you in connecting with and following your soul’s deepest calling.

Extended Message:
There is a deeper purpose to your human journey. Not only were you born on purpose, you were born for a purpose. You were born to be a bright light in the world and there are supporters out there in the universe sending waves of energy to guide you at this time. Information — and inspiration — that has been coming your way recently is not new information, but memories. Your feelings of being drawn in a particular direction are the awakening of an aspect of your soul. You are being drawn towards a road that will not only light you up, but also help you light up your corner of the world. Continue following the cosmic guidance that is coming your way.

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