Christmas light Ouija board

I thought I would change the title if it would help.

I am talking about the show Stranger Things on Netflix, but if you have never seen it, I would still like to know if a person is so inept at the Ouija board if electric lights would be any better.

I was wondering about the scene where Winona Ryder makes a type of Ouija board by painting the alphabet on the wall and hanging a Christmas light above each letter.

That is so clever! I can’t get a Ouija board to do ANYTHING! What are the odds that Winona’s strategy would work?

I am sure someone here could make it work for them, but some of us just seem blocked at every turn.

So would it be easier for spirits to use electricity or your hands and a planchette?

And If I can’t even work a Ouija board then would someone like me have any better chance with an electronic method of communication?

I am ready for real contact. It will change my mind whether or not to keep going with this.

Thanks in advance.

Sometimes it is easier for spirits to manipulate electronics so it could very well be easier for them to communicate through so type electric device or set up.

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