Christmas do you or do you not celebrate?

Hi again my fellow Black Magicians!! I have one last question to ask about the holidays ( This is the last one of the year I promise!!)

Do you celebrate Christmas?? You know the jesus story, with the tree and exchanging gifts and big dinners??

Do the spirits find it offensive or do they not care?? Or do they want to do the commercial thing and max out your credit cards!! LMAO

                                                             Looking forward to your response!!

Honestly, spirits don’t give a flying rat’s ass about such things, and even if they did, so what? It’s a human celebration so who gives a crap about what some spirit thinks about it?

I keep repeating myself ad neaueum here, but this is magick, not religion, so if some spirit told me they didn’t like Christmas, I’d laugh, and say “so what? It has nothing to do with you.”

Christmas is traditionally pagan anyway. The rituals performed, like the decorating of the tree, kissing under the mistletoe, and the giving of gifts, are all pre-Christian in origin. All the Christians did was slap a baby Jeebus onto the celebration and call it good.


I celebrate Yule but all over the period, on the solstice, new year and Christmas week, incorporating Christmas into a longer winter solstice celebration.

Only the solstice is not arbitrary to my mind.

The entities lime it when we are in joy, and it’sa god time for letting vibes high. The more you do that the better, find any reason you can to be happy :slight_smile:


Sorry about that, I just needed some clarity!!

                                 Thanx lots!!

                                              I wont ask about New Years!!  (LMAO)

christmas is my fav and good mood on peoples around.


Agreed it’s the time ti give have fun let loose, it’s a time to celebrate and spend time with family, friends, yourself even and whoever is in your circle!


Christmas is Pagan. The original ancient traditions served a multitude of different gods.


Christmas and my birthday are my favorite “holidays”.


I’m No.1 Christmas fan. :christmas_tree: :sparkles:


I quietly tolerate Christmas because my loved ones like it. I’ve disliked it for a long time due to previously working in retail.


I celebrate the winter solstice. I do not celebrate Christmas at all.

My views are my views but, in all honesty, I do not believe the spirits truly care if you celebrate a fake (not even Jesus of Nazareth’s real birth date) day for a charlatan savior.

Do what you will, so long as you harm no one else. Unless you intend to and if you intend to do any harm, just make sure you are just in your actions.


Retail during this time of year really does show you the avarice of people. They all rush to celebrate it, forgetting to use the day for what it was intended for – celebration of a man from history who was crucified for daring to go against the traditions of some other people.


Christmas brings out the best in some people and the worst in far more people.


Sad, but true.


I don’t celebrate “The birth of christ” but I do celebrate consumerism that time of year lol. I look for all the christmas lights possible, get festive drinks/food, give gifts, get limited time things. In my mind, christmas is a time of year to be warm & cozy and give/receive gifts with friends. More so a social thing with me. Christmas parties with sweaters are nice. ^.^


Frankly, yes and no. I’m aware of the Pagan origins of the holiday, so I don’t mind celebrating with family. However, I like to poke fun at it. One way I do it is by telling people “Merry Krampus”.

However, I tend to skip over Christmas movies and most Christmas specials on tv. Save for shows like Ed Edd n Eddy, Billy and Mandy, Chowder and Flapjack. I’m not a fan of the emotional lovey dovey stuff of the season. I want to laugh and be entertained, not feel emotions.

Usually, my family would travel down South to see relatives. But now that we’ve literally moved down here, and are living on the ancestral farm (much to my dislike), our relatives come to us. The older generation lives 3 to 20 minutes away. My cousins live a good two hours. But they come to us now. However, everyone’s gathered into a giant pile of people, so I’m in the next room because big groups make me anxious.

As for spirits, I don’t think they care what we do as long as we’re not hurting them. Regarding the commercial aspect, I think they might roll their eyes, but nothing beyond that. Business is part of life.


I don’t care too much for Christmas and frankly am disgusted by and can’t stand the holiday because it serves as a permanent reminder of my daughter’s death that occurred Dec 28th.

However, since I’m a mother of 4 small kids and don’t want to steal their joy, I toss my personal feelings aside and do what I can to make it a great experience for them. Gifts, tree, they all love hanging the candy canes together, I cook a nice meal and we enjoy the time together.


It’s wonderful that you can push your feelings aside to allow the children to have their fun and their day. You are a good mother and that shows it.

I am sorry for the loss of your daughter. I wish you well and the best in all things.


You have more strength than I do.