Christians Might Be Deceived

You know I’ve been watching some parnormal chows on the cable channel “destination america” it kind of occured to me in these shows whenever they talk about someone trying to combat hostile spirits its almost always someone involved in catholicism. Why is that? We all know there are plenty of people besides them who deal with these sorts of things so whats up with that?

Because in the mainstream media the first thing that pops in someone’s head when they hear exorcism, possession or things of that nature is Catholic priest. Just about every movie Incan think of that involves possession has a catholic pride or someone of the catholic faith involved with the exception of The Last Exorcism movies. It’s what people expect to see so the networks give them what they want.

Now why is it that people from subservient religions or spiritual paths seem to suffer from possession more than any overs is a whole different topic.

Oh what is this I don’t even. One of those shows is on right now and its pretty much demonizing wicca of all things and having the catholic guy come in and save everyones ass.

By the way, I used to be a fervent Roman Catholic. I even served as an altar boy for a number of years. Even though I’d sometimes read argument against the Catholic faith, it took me a long time to truly disbelieve Catholicism and overall Christianity altogether.

I now know it’s all a ploy to control, subjugate and even homophobize the masses… It’s very exactly what’s going on in Russia right now. Putin, his imps & the Orthodox Church are doing everything they can to make sure the next generations of adults are completely homophobic (by making it illegal to say anything positive about homosexuality in public or at school). Satan forbid!

If a man or woman walks into a town where the residents wear only the color black, and he/she is wearing a neon yellow suit, that is going to draw attention, positive and negative…Therefore, if you don’t want to deal with a reaction, don’t wear the neon yellow suit out in public, knowing full well it is going to draw attention that you may not want, and then cry boo hoo hoo poor us…That makes you nothing more than a whiney attention whore…Seriously…So you have a few options, wear the neon yellow suit, and not care what anyone has as a reaction since you are so proud of it, or, wear it in the comfort of your own home…But, don’t go around telling a town full of people that only wear the color black that they have to accept the neon yellow suit…Many people have died for their personal beliefs, and still do each and every day, and this cycle continues, as there is nothing new under the sun…So, people that are “homosexual” should be considered more special than any other group that stands out…Get the fuck out of here…A man and a man, or a woman and a woman is against nature as it does not produce an offspring in the human species…So by promoting this behavior, you are generally an enemy of procreation…Many people that choose to be homosexual choose so for non-biological reasons, as a fad or an alternative sexual expression…It is like a new fad for a lot of people as it is being broadcast all over the place, like an advertisement…I know that there are cases of people being homosexual or even bi-sexual due to some scientific reasons, but the cases are few and far between compared to what the mainstream has broadcasted…BTW I am not homophobic, just playing devil’s advocate here as usual…I have homosexual, bi-sexual, and heterosexual friends…The same thing goes for women that dress like whores, then wonder why they get sexually assaulted…Is it right? No. Does no mean no? Yes. But it is what it is at the end of the day…I have large breasts, so if I wear a low cut shirt to a bar, the men will look…Knowing this, if I go to the bar with my man, wearing a shirt with my breasts popping out, knowing full well men are going to gawk, and that may cause a fight, it would be partially my fault…Why not just wear a shirt that covers them up in the first place and aviod any issues? Some shit is just common sense, seriously…I guess the basic point of my rant/response here is don’t go against the common denominator and cry if you get a reaction that is not what you want…Common sense…

Um…no. Homosexuality is NOT against nature. It actually occurs in nature. It is not unique to the human species in any way. Ask a biologist. There are plenty of books about it. To say that many people “choose” it is ridiculous.

What you are talking about is suppressing natural inclinations just to get along with people. Why should someone have to do that? Homosexuals do not want to be “special” and stand out. They simply want to be themselves, just like everyone else. I hate religious people but I don’t shoot them when they come to my door with their irrational delusions even though it is my inclination to do so. I think it’s time the human race got over itself. No one’s view is more important than any others. Being ostracized for practicing magick is a choice, because you can stop practicing magick. You cannot stop being homosexual.

Also, many girls wear school uniforms that often comprise very short skirts… I saw some of those adolescent girls on some occasions wearing really short skirts… That’s sexy! But can one rape them, then say it’s the girls’ fault? No! It’s all on the rapist!

Babies get raped. Elderly people get raped too! Are they gonna be accused of being too sexy as well?

And what about all the sex abuse in the Catholic Church? Those pedophilic priests really believe they’re gonna make it to Heaven just because they’re Christian and go to Confession… One more example of Christians deceiving themselves…

Sinata, if homosexuals go “against nature” and are “anti-procreation”, what about heterosexuals (mainly) that cause up to 50 million abortions per year in the world?

They procreate a lot more but most of that natural procreation is willfully destroyed… Are you gonna call them an enemy of procreation and nature too?

In developing a full blown Human there is a Sh1tload that can go wrong…
Homosexuality is not one of it. It occurs in nature in many species.
There are more nuances than Male/Female,Intersex,Androgyny or non of the above. (X,Y,XX,XY,YY,XYY,XXY,…)
So much for non-biological reasons…

Ohh thank you Sinata…SHITSTORM ACHIEVED!!! I’ll be right back I have to go get my coat:)

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Everything that I have been “informed” of, I already clearly stated that I was aware of, and a lot of the responses are saying exactly what I said in different words…My point is that NO ONE should have to hide their true nature, but no one group deserves to be accepted more than any other. For some people, they cannot change or stop, whether being homosexual, or an occult practicioner…There is a thing as called blending into one’s surroundings…You can’t force anyone to accept you, or your beliefs, etc…I didn’t say enemy of nature, I said the nature of human procreation…Those who abort life are as well on an abstract scale, but again, I don’t judge anyone…I have friends I call family from all walks of life, including the alternative communities…

Actually, you said, promoting the behavior of homosexuality makes one an enemy of procreation, as if procreation is somehow elevated above other human drives. By that standard, anyone who chooses not to have children, is an enemy of procreation.

I very much agree with what you said in your response though. No one should have to hide who they are, and no group deserves to be more accepted than any other. Unfortunately, every group thinks their values are “the best” and every one else should follow suit. You can’t force people to accept you or your beliefs…yet religious people keep trying :slight_smile:

What I don’t understand is why you seem to think homosexuals should conform with the ‘people wearing black suits’ and only wear their ‘yellow suit’ at home? Why not keep religious beliefs at home, instead of trying to ‘spread the message’ like a venereal disease? Why do you think people should blend? Sure, it might make their lives easier, but hiding who you are is far worse than the opinions of other people.

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I don’t think that anyone should conform, or hide unless they can’t handle the criticism, or one feels their life may be in jeapordy. Some people are not willing to die over their convictions. I’m just tired of people in general forgetting it is survival of the fittest. Not the land of kisses, hugs, cookies and close knit circles singing lets love one another.

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Also, the clothing reference was directed at anything that is not an accepted societal norm. It was a metaphor of don’t do something out of the box and expect to not get a reaction.

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That is so Uncle Chuckie:) And I totally agree.

See this…

“Iraqi Gay men’s rectums are glued shut and they are force-fed laxatives and water until their insides explode”

“Killing gays is halal,” permissible under Islamic law. “We’ll get points in heaven for it.”

What do y’all think??? They too are deceiving themselves thinking they’ll get points in heaven for such insanity & cruelty…

Everyone is insane, it is not relegated to Abrahamic faiths (Islam is still Abrahamic). I just get confused when we here, especially as magicians, still give a damn about Catholicism as if it is the “source” of human problems. Everyone wants to talk about how stupid Yahweh is, but shit’s been stupid way before he got involved. There is this claim that we lived in peace before that… that’s complete ignorance. Folks have found reasons to be violent, reckless beasts since they could think of a reason to fight, and human ignorance as narrowness has existed way before anybody could organize it into a religion.

My question is what is the point? What is the point in beating this dead horse over and over. We already know the problem, but doing stuff like pointing out Catholicism or anything else is probably a fuel for this ignorance problem now rather than a means of education. It could be said that folks focusing on these results of human stupidity - religion, racism, reckless violence - are just as deceived as people who do not address it at all. Rather, you could just do something about it and stop looking for new articles about why it is fucked up to you.

I personally don;t think any of it is wrong; some people like what’s going on and some people don’t. The person who wins the day, is the person who put forth their will to get their desires realized, and those who don’t… they get used. It’s easy enough to gain control over your situation, so I really don’t see the point in highlighting deceptions or “world issues” when you have the ability to change this stuff.

One more thing that can be done:

Gay Canadian Man Paralyzed in Alleged Hate Crime Stabbing
Scott Jones, 27, was paralyzed from the waist down after an attacker stabbed him in the back early Saturday morning.

The police raid discovered the men ‘in positions that are against religious precepts.’ - The Advocate Magazine Islam is has become the State religion of Egypt in 1980. Egypt is predominantly Muslim with 80 million Muslims. Ancient Egypt was very much different in terms of spirituality.

Now… That was TRUE spirituality…

Maybe this guy can help…

Oh… That’s definitely not real spirituality… lol I mean… Do the Christian, Judaic & Islamic faiths encourage people to cleanse their aura, purify their chakras, open up their third eye? No! I now understand that it’s simply to maintain people enslaved and ignorant.

Buddhism & Hinduism are much superior faiths in the sense those religions encourage people to perform such spiritual exercises, so do Luciferianism, Theistic Satanism, Paganism, Wicca and so on.

When people pray to entities all the time, they develop a relationship with said entities… I don’t think all those that commit those anti-gay atrocities in countries such as Iraq, Jamaica, Cameroon or Russia are all closeted gays… But I know they all pray to Allah, Jesus, Jah or Yahweh…

Now, just what KIND of INFLUENCE do those Abrahamic gods have on those followers? Is it good or bad energy? How can one love Allah, devotedly pray to Allah, then think of nothing better than glue up innocent men’s anuses and force-feed them until their intestines explode, or go to the Orthodox Church then torture and kill teenagers, and actually believe it’s points to go to Heaven?!

Come on! It’s not Satan, Belial or Lilith that cause such things… I think those Abrahamic entities might feed from such atrocities somehow, that’s why I don’t recommend utilizing their names in rituals (yes, I know; religion is not magick… still…)

There must be malevolent spiritual entities or negative energy currents that encourage and feed on such ignorance and acts of violence and torture.