Christianity and life after death

A question about the story of Christianity. God/Jesus says Satan/Lucifer is the father of lies(or something like that). Today a lot of people don’t believe that. Some don’t believe in any Gods, some believe in other gods etc. Isn’t there a possibility that what god/Jesus said is correct ? If Satan/Lucifer is a liar as they say he is, wouldn’t he be deceiving us all ? What if we really do go to hell or heaven ? God didn’t want us to do any of this stuff we are doing and he didn’t want us to know any of this stuff we know. What if he’s just playing us ?

When we die what happens ? Could you have old relatives in your “group” AKA legion ?

BTW I’m not trying to disrespect Lucifer(I’m sure he knows) lord only knows what can happen if I disrespect him.


It is a possibility. As many people believe the spirits are just subconscious. So maybe only the prophets he sent had real communication with the spirit world. I don’t think it is likely though

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Why not ?

Because if what magicians are seeing is not real it is likely that what they were seeing is not real either

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Hmm ok. And what about the other questions ?

Not sure

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hmmmkay…let me adress this…have you read the Torah? the New Testament? the Quran? theyre all based from the same God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Yacob.

Have you seen how much violence there is, how there are Verses where said God sounds jealous, others just downright bad? there are also verses where hes chill of course

And mysticism states of Source, which to me is THE God, the Absolute, but Yahweh is one of its manifestations

See heres the thing, you go with what your heart and intuition tells you, in magick and spirituality nothing is 100 percent guaranteed, but learning through experience imo is best, getting to know the various Beings and listening to your heart is best imo.

And by the way, a god that would punish you for not following him despite you acting as morally sound as possible from the heart, is not a god i would worship, and another thing, Hell aint all bad i think.


Also, Jesus is not Yahweh bruh


What do you think it’s like ?

There’s too many pantheons and ideals for what a single Deity said to be 100% true, however, the way I see it that it’s true for the followers of said pantheon, meaning those that follow that pantheon will be subject to their realms and framework of reincarnation, same with any other pantheon or if none theyre only subject to their own belief of where they go or they simply bypass it all and reincarnate.

Though unsure of what you mean by legion.


I don’t think it’s likely. If you don’t fear the “what if” questions for the other hundreds of religions out there than why should you fear a what if question for Christianity. I think Yahweh is real but I don’t think that the concept of heaven or hell is, so I’ll continue working with Lucifer. Believe whatever you want but be strong in your beliefs and don’t doubt them, that’s the best advice I have

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The Christian afterlife is a human construct designed to pressure people into joining the religion.

Hell and Heaven are actual realms, but they’re not afterlives. I have been told by Archangel Azrael that we all reincarnate upon death.


So how do we explain the growing population ? What spirits are those ?

You know how a demon has legions ? Like King Paimon has 200 legions. That’s what i meant.

Population of what?

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Humans. The population always increases. If we reincarnate, where do the additional spirits come from ?

I see, but not everyone here has legions? probably like a good 1% if anything xD or I’m not quite sure I’m understanding properly.


Honestly, it is the same tactic being used whenever one religion dominates an older one. Either the spirits of the older faith are dead, not real, or “demons” looking to corrupt the minds of the new believers. Read enough mythology and history and you start to see the same patterns occur over and over again, whether we are talking about gods or fallen kings/rulers. It is remarkable that for a species known for creativity that new tactics have not emerged.


I want to create a legion or a few for myself. So i wanted my loved ones to be apart of them.

The legions most ‘create’ here are legions of thoughtforms, I don’t think your loved ones would want to be part of that, unless you create thoughtform versions of them, that’s kinda the only option you got when it comes to dealing with people with their own free will because they may have their own ideal destination after they die.