Christian Witchcraft PT.4 1/2: The Qlippothic LBRP

This is the COMPLETELY Qlippothic Version of the LBRP I created that centers around Thagirion, the Qlippothic sphere of The Black Sun.
I will make this as Conscise As Possible for beginners lol.

♤ You Will Draw 4 Inverse Pentagrams in the Air

♤ They Will be Drawn in the North, East, South and West, progressing around the circle in those directions

♤ Each Pentagram will Have the Glyoh of its Associated Planet Drawn in the middle.

♤ You will vibrate the Name of the Sphere associated with the Planet.

♤ At the end, You Will Invoke The Black Sun into your Chest and Give the Sign of Baphomet.

Spheres Involved

● Thaumiel (Neptune; Choronzon; North)

● Satariel (Saturn; Binah; Lucifuge; East)

● Thagirion (The Sun; Black Sun;South)

● Gamaliel (Lilith; The Moon; West)


1.♧ Face North and Draw the First Inverted Pentagram in a Off-White Color of Energy. At the SAME time you draw the pentagram, Vibrate the Word “Thaumiel”

2.♧ In The Center of the Pentagram draw the Glyph of Neptune and at the same time Vibrate “CHORONZON”.
The Glyph of Neptune looks like this:

3.♧ Move to the East And Draw a Inverted Pentagram in the Color BLACK while Vibrating The name “Satariel”.

4.♧ In the Center of the Pentagram, draw the Glyph of Saturn in WHITE colored energy and vibrate
The Glyph of Saturn Looks like this:

5.♧ Move to the South. Draw a inverted Pentagram in the Color GREY. Vibrate the Name “Thagirion”.

6.♧ Trace the Glyph of The Sun in the center of the pentagram in Blazing Orange and Vibrate the Name “SORATH”
The Glyph of the Sun:

7.♧ Move to the West Finally. Trace a inverted pentagram in the Color Dark Blue and Vibrate the Name “Gamaliel”.

8.♧ Trace the Glyph of The Moon in the Center of the Pentagram In Silver color energy and Vibrate “Schimirion”
The Glyph of The Moon looks like this:

9. Face the North.

  1. Say,

● Before Me, Da’Thiah!

● At My left, Sat’Diel!

● Behind me, Thad’diah!

● At my Right, DaGa’iah!

Draw a Inverted Pentagram in front of you in Red Light.

Focus on your Heart Chakra and Vibrate THAGIRION

Vizualize the Black Sun and its 12 rays shining from your Chest.

Before me flames the Inverted pentagram…
And within me shines the Black Sun!

Make the Sign of Baphomet
(Make fists with both hands. Cross them before your chest in a X. Release them so that your hands/arms are like Baphomets.)


I’m not a beginner, but let’s assume I am. How does each step/action correlate to it’s HOGD counterpart? In other words, what and how does each action reflect the LBRP? I only ask because you did lose me at a few points, specifically the pentagrams and what would be the QC portion of the LBRP.

I loved this part, btw. A beautiful action.

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Good point man!

The Names:

I did a little bit of Gematria and Created these Dark Angels that serve to Presence Qlippothic Energy from Each Sphere.
These Reflect the Calling of The Sephirothic Archangels to presence angelic energy of the ritual.

The purpose of the Glyphs is to Evoke the Element, Nature, and energy of the Corresponding spheres into the Circle.

This is reflected in tracing Astrological Symbols in the center of the pentagrams to invoke the elements.

Thaumiel (Void)

Thagirion (Black Fire)

Saturn (Air)

Moon/Gamaliel (Water; Black Earth)

This corresponds to calling the Elements of the 4 quarters through Enochian Magic.


Okay, that’s where I got lost. When you are drawing the inverted pentagrams are they still Earth type banishing, just inverted?


Exactly. Same thing Just Inverted :smiley:
I didnt wanna change too much, but im working on a more original version as it is lol


Any suggestions for Improvements?
Im open for them

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I actually really like how you set this up. I want to give it a whirl before I comment further or suggest anything. What did you do in replacement of the Qabbalistic cross? I have a modified version of it that I have been using and I feel it would work with this (it should be dark tree friendly, lol), but I want to see what you are doing as well.

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Someone should put that Pentagram upside down on that Baphomet.

Just figured I would update: I tried this a few times now and am really liking the feel of it. Highly recommended!


Late question but do you still use this banishing rite? And what do you use as a replacement of the qabbalistic cross? If you don’t mind you can post it here.

Nice ritual. Im trying to make one of my own too. But something is bothering me, im not saying your ritual is wrong, it is a customized ritual afterall. But in the original LBRP when you face the cardinal points you call for names of God like YHWH, Adonai, EHEIEH, and in your version you bring the Qliphotic sphere names. I guess is more correct to call something like HWHY, Azerate, Chavajoth and Havayoth other than the spheres. I guess it has no problem to inverse everything from the original with the proper elements, because the Qliphot are the exact mirror of creation but in its anti-creation form.

Here is my thinking.

The LBRP consists in 3 main parts:

  1. Cabalistic Cross: Here the cross is constructed with the Sephirots symbolizing the Tree of Life. Somehow we should bring the Qliphotic Spheres (Nahemoth, Golachab, Gha’Agsheblah) here, but idk if with the same cross or something different.

  2. Formulation of Pentagrams: Inverted pentagrams plus the names of the Other God like HWHY, Azerate, Chavajoth and Havayoth.

  3. Invocation of Archangels: Each Archangel corresponds to a Sephirot, so does the qliphotic Archdemons: Michael - Belphegor, Raphael - Adramelech, Gabriel - Lilith, Uriel - Astaroth