Christian Objects as mockery during rituals

how do you feel about owning Christian/Catholic objects such as bibles and crosses but using them as pure mockery sarcasm during rituals? like hanging the inverted/St Peter cross on the wall or drawing demon sigils into the pages of the bible etc…

Just curious because there is a Catholic church near me and i thought about getting some holy water or a wooden cross and using it as a mockery during ritual like mixing the holy water with vodka or something and drinking it or drawing a demons name on one of the pages of the bible and burning it…

I personally don’t see the point in doing it but I don’t care either


i just think it would be funny mixing holy water with some booze like vodka or rum and drinking it or writing a demons name into the bible idk just a thought.

Rites of blasphemy can be quite useful for those trying to break free from Christian (or Islamic) programming.

And plenty of metal artists (such as Marilyn Manson) do indulge in blasphemy in songs or music videos.

Now, could blasphemy have a purpose other than that of rebellion and deprogramming? Maybe. It could help in more advanced workings against the tyrant god: