Christian Household?

I live in a Christian household; my parents and my brother are all Christian, but I am not. I considered myself one as a kid but decided I was atheist a few years ago. Because of this, I have been baptized and “saved” when I was younger.

Now that I am wanting to work with demons and other gods, would all of this affect my ability to communicate with them? Would it drive them away? If so is there any way to fix this?


No, it will affect nothing. There are plenty of Christian magicians that evoke spirits just as much as there are atheist and heathens that do so. It really doesn’t matter. You will still be able to communicate once you develop the ability.

It is important to understand that no particular godform, Christian or otherwise, will drive a spirit away without your intention to do so. A banishing ritual that calls on YHVH, or angels, or demon kings, is nothing without the intention of the magician to back it up. You are what powers the magick, not an external god.

  1. No. Other than the dogma you may have been fed as a child that is deeply embedded in your sub-conscious.

  2. Yes and No. It depends how willing you are to learn what they want to teach you.

  3. Yes. Forget everything you know about the spiritual and start reading.

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nope. it will not affect in any way.
the best advice i can give you is just go for it


Full on Christians can still summon demons. What you do( or in your case use to do) in your spare time is irreverent. It’s not like once you’ve been baptized Jesus stands outside your house holding a sign saying “Fuck off he’s mine”

Edit: Dabbing Jesus



Thanks for that! Any good sources for reading material to get me started?

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I’m dead xD

Lucifer Compendium, Ars Goetia, Lesser Key of Solomon.
Books on meditation and energy awareness.
Study of theta waves , meta waves, gamma waves. etc.

Evoking eternity by EA Koetting

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The act of being sprinkled or dunked in water holy or otherwise doesnt magic away the demonic or effect occult rituals. The immersion is symbolic.

Christian Baptism supposedly signifies the end of your old way of life and rebirth and was employed by many ancient cultures not just Christians or the Catholic church as a ritual of purification and would have no bearing on your current beliefs or traditions, your current intent are more important than a meaningless ritual.