Christian dropping

So basically I read this news millions of Christians are dropping out of Christianity to come to witchcraft.

Hail all nine gatekeepers


It’s not witchcraft. To them it is just another religion. Basically they pick up a cliche new age book and wicca from Barnes and Nobles and that is their new religion. Calling it witchcraft is like calling flat earthers physicists. Nothing necessarily wrong with their choice but you got to apply the right label to it atleast. They are probably still as repugnant to anything dark or creepy.


Witchtrenders… In my opinion constant blessed be’s and lectures on what I’m doing wrong after reading a single Cunningham book are far more irritating than most Christians


Also this isn’t anything new…



Where did you read that.

lol :slight_smile:

I say so be it. More of a crowd to hide in, less religious bastards. I’ve realized its better to wear a pentacle among charm and supernatural fans (even if some can be difficult to tolerate) than to hide behind a cross.


This was me when I started out. The gatekeepers led me to the LHP. In my Christian days I stumbled across e.a channel and felt so much energy flowing to me I left immediately now I’m like f##k. Yahweh


I am utterly surprised by the amount of people here that get confused by the term “witchcraft”. Witchcraft is NOT equal to religion/paganism or wicca.
There is something called secular witchcraft, and apostate witchcraft.

And I love how people get salty and shirty by this post. I mean… guys, don’t be total hipsters.
Just because there are new people arriving to the witchcraft path (which is itself quite a general term for lots of different things), you should not get all arrogant and butthurt because you have more experience.
Let the people be, and learn at their own pace. Anyone is more important than anyone just for having more magick knowledge.


Listen I just said this because it means Yahweh is being fought very strongly he’s losing his hold

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There is something called Christian witchcraft and Christowiccan too. Can’t say I like the idea.

I am not saying I like it either.
What I mean is that “witchcraft” is such a vague a big concept that covers too many forms of spirituality and religions.

I haven’t found any reliable sources for this happening.

I have found one thing though.

OP asked for thread closed, thanks everyone. :+1:

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