Christian bullshit

yesterday a christian enthusiast said to me : we are all sinners and should confess it
i told him :why we are sinner?
he said: because adam and eve had sex and sex is sin and we born with sin
i told him:if they haven’t had sex, you were n’t here and could not saying this bullshit to me!
he could not say any thing to me and left


That’s what they always says, we’re sinners, if anything good happens in our life then it’s because of God, but if something bad and fucked up happens in our life then it’s only our fault because we’re sinners and we don’t deserve God’s love, and God’s such a loving father that he send his only son to save us from himself, by sacrificing himself to himself to forgive us. They really crack me up sometimes :grin:


LMFAO :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Now THAT is a show stopper! I love it, lol!


It’s just programming.

Try and understand that, I mean really understand it, then whatever they say just kind of deflects off of you and you don’t even hold it against them.

They haven’t broken free of their chains yet because the powers that be have done an exceptional job of making people actually WANT their own disempowerment.

You bring something new to the table to a person that is so deep into their “program”, and their “system” goes haywire. I believe that’s called cognitive dissonance or something. There’s really nothing you can do about people like that and some will even try and hurt you over going against what they “believe”. Not just Christianity, but anything that tries to disempower you, which is pretty much anything mainstream.



they do not want people open gateway

:joy::joy::joy::joy: it was very joyful

I agree a lot of us came from this programmed mindset. For me when I started to leave it was a horrible thing to see that everything was a lie. It took a few years to reprogram myself to not fear hell let alone that daemons were gods before they were demons. Not an easy thing for some almost impossible. I understand the hatred as I have had both friends and family leave me because of my ties with the LHP and it hurts. When I hear any of the RHP talk about stuff they have never experienced I get pissed and sick from the shit they say but I regain control and remember I was once them. That’s why I am never to shy to talk about the LHP to people, the way to remove ignorance is with a person explaining it in a calm and joyful manner.


I agree but it was programing that pushed the crusades and the nazies.
It’s something that shouldn’t be over looked at least.

Very true @Xicaboddon. If I find a person who really wants to know it’s okay but there are always the ones you best just stay away from too.


people shut down common sense when dealing with dogma, the way of thinking these people have it´s pure emotion driven


That is very true @anon48957109 in some cases you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Programming is everywhere, not just in Christianity.

A simple example of programming is a song being stuck in your head. You start repeating what you hear the most, the chorus. You don’t remember anything else about the song, just the chorus, because that is what is being repeated the most.

Now imagine how deep the programming is for someone who has a lifetime of it, and never becomes aware of it.

You have to be able to change on a dime if it means that it will further your “ascent” or “descent” or whatever you wish to call your personal empowerment. If you get attached to anything, you are pretty much done.


100% correct. Once you identify it as the psychological, emotional and spiritual abuse these teachings are, you are free to live. There is no reason to hold it against them because one is then allowed to have joy. It’s hard to hold a grudge when there is joy in your life.

And advertising jingles. I still get the Log Cabin’s catering ad song stuck in my head, even though I have never even considered hiring a caterer.


Continuing the discussion from Christian bullshit:
Let us have a talk kind sir. I want you to explain the evil of this program, my whole life I knew it was a system. So explain this, just what exsists and what doesn’t? I have the power to create realities and delusions at will. I’m not human either, I am supposed to some type of god so please help me understand.

Adam and Eve had sex. So we are all , “Born in sin, come on in”.
Who married Adam and Eve.?
Genesis 1:28. "God said to them, ‘Replenish the earth’ ".
Who was here before Adam and Eve ?
Cain said to God, “Whoever finds me will kill me”
Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel. ( Cain killed Abel. ).
Only 3 people left.

I recommend to everyone to read the book “Jesus: Prince of Hell” by Adam Weishaupt (pseudonym of one of the Illuminati’s authors).

It’s all a lie

I agree.
It’s all allegories and occult codes, to give the elite the advantage over others

Um what? Even by the allegory of Genesis’ standards… sex between them wasn’t a sin… they were told to go forth, be fruitful and multiply. Soooo not sure why hes trying to convert people if he doesn’t even understand his own religion.

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A family member of mine is a devout Christian, and he believes that humanity is evil and the only reason America is good is because of Christianity, and without accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior, we’d become evil people. That contrasts me because I believe humanity is good, and there was tests done with babies and babies seem to desire “good” things rather than “bad,” so that tells me we don’t need a book published by the Romans to stabilize what was left of the Roman Empire to keep us “good.” My family wants me to become Catholic again, but aside from going to Church to please them during the holidays, they may be disappointed…