Christ is Jewish


Yeah. I really hate how his beautiful teachings have been perverted


Well, like anyone in his position, he was well aware of people not just liking him but some seeking his destruction.
And he told his followers countless times, to keep the secrets, to not tell anyone of how the healing acceured and what had happened.
To be honest, Magicians always carry that kind of burden to a degree.
As general Society is both, in awe and fear, of what can be done by some.

I’d even be as bold as saying, Christ isn’t jewish, he’s an idol figure, used for manipulation and shaping civilisations for 2 milenia. :wink:

well, you’ve guessed right.
I was raised Catholic.^^




I think Satan was made from a combination of various demons.


My favorite quote from Jesus,
“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword”.
Mathew 10 34
I love how the image of a sword is an inverted cross.
Swords to the sky!


Well, it might be useful to understand the milieu in which Jesus of Nazareth operated. There were a number of Jewish sects, usually started by someone who would become that group’s master teacher, and whose teachings would be passed down to subsequent generations. Back then you had the Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots, etc. Jesus’ “real name” was Y’shua, and actually if the transcription of names were followed consistently, he would be known as Joshua of Nazareth. When Jesus…went away, his followers were initially known as Nazarenes. But then after the group began expanding, different strains of thought, theology, and practice began to creep in (especially Pauline Christianity) which changed the Nazarene religion into something completely different. Jesus started off as a Rabbi or the Righteous Teacher, and ended up being deified. The Nazarenes - like the Essenes and Zealots - were an apocalyptic group, and Christianity inherited that element, although it’s expression has changed over the centuries as it began to be clear that the End of Times is still some time away.


Wasn’t that also the tree Judas was purported to have hung himself from in shame? It ended up being named the Judas Tree from this act?


Here is my understanding of what happened with Jesus. He was a rabbi and as a rabbi (teacher) he had students and followers. Jesus taught and preached Judaism throughout but he was radical in his ideas of equality for women and children in the society of that time.
After the crucifixion, James, who was brother to Jesus and a disciple continued what his brother started and the group followed the Law of Judaism.
Then BAM! along comes a greedy tax collector for the Roman government named Saul, who was hated by many people and was on the run for his life on the road to Damascus. Saul passed out from heat exhaustion or sun stroke at the side of the road. When Saul came out of it he took this as an OPPORTUNITY to claim that he had been ‘struck down off his horse by Christ’ and was renamed Paul. So the newly minted reinvented Paul went to find James and the rest of the Disciples. James didn’t like Paul because James saw him for what he was as a fraud. Paul had a way with words and began telling the masses that Christ ‘told him’ that the followers of Jesus no longer had to follow any of the Hebrew Laws…no more sabbath, no more male circumcision, no more dietary prohibitions. Paul’s new way, which was total opposite of what Jesus taught, grew wildly popular with the new Christians and the non-Jewish gentiles. Paul won the popularity contest against James, brother of Jesus and took over the cult. This is not known because it was thrown out of church history, but Paul ‘arranged’ for the stoning death of James. It was done from among Paul’s own followers but he made it so the ‘jews’ were blamed for the death.