Chosen for the darkest path

I feel as though the darkest path has chosen me from birth. I have always been drawn to powerful things in my life met people of strong spiritual power. I know for a fact I was drawn to the website for a reason. I feel the Puritan lead me here. I want to be amongst scorerery and live the life I always wanted mystical and in truth as always. I can feel the void in my soul sometimes calling to me. I feel as though we are beings of creation the create creation. I wish to be a binary scholar amongst my peers once I obtain the path. I can feel myself drawing towards truth in its most infinite form. I wasn’t to be apart of the many one into the truth. The darkness is not of evil but if solid truth from witch light comes from darkeness. Darkness gives birth to all forms. The void is my calling and I wish to pursue it.


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There is no such thing as “the darkest path.” In my opinion, it completely depends on your personal definition of “dark.”

What is dark for one person, might be considered grey or even light for another. It really depends on how far you are willing to take it.

For example, there are angels out there that would make the demonic kings crap in their pants out of fear and who could incinerate existence in the blink of an eye if given the command to do so. Working with such beings, who have no consideration for humanity, would probably qualify as the blackest of magick to some people, even if they are of the “Light.” Contrary to a lot of New Age nonsense, Light is not weak and Light is not fluffy. It will burn and consume you just as much if not more so than Darkness.

For others, necromancy is as dark as it gets, working with the powers of Death and Decay. Some groups, like The Cabal, think their stuff is the darkest of dark.

Really, the “darkest path” is in the eye of the beholder.


Wise words on the darkest path coming from the darkest knight


Everyone does have different perspectives that much is correct.

I do beleive darkness is misrepresent and not necessarily evil. Didn’t the void birth everything practically ?

Do you beleive that it’s possible to manifest spirt into the physical form in terms for a black mage?

Theoretically, yes. Although it’s not really practically possible, since to do that you’d have to find a way to open a physical portal to said spirit. Plus that’s assuming the spirit posses a physical form in the first place ( a topic that plenty of people have differing opinions on )


Wow that’s well put. I have heard of succubi children being born in the physical from having sex. I’m not sure how true that is.

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So would you say the void is seperate form the concept of darkness as a whole or just basically a subject of opinion according to the common man ?

Very much agree here. It’s very dependent on the individuals gauge of what dark is. You can perhaps get a feeling based on others but that dark or light as you interpret it is inside self.

If you want to go by fantasy of red/black/white (final fantasy) utility/combat/healing perhaps. I can’t really say that’s a definitive.

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I’d have to say those stories are most likely lies, purely because spiritual sex does not meet the criteria required for procreation.

Magically speaking, the void can be a number of things; an astral space, a plane of existence or the space in between reality ( it’s hard to describe but it’s what you grab hold of during telekinesis)
For the average person though, I imagine they’d equate the two.
From what I’ve seen on some older threads @AdamThoth would likely be able to explain it better than I can.

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If the void is nothing (not clear, white, black, dark nor light) then it’s a bit of a paradox to be named “void” but is nothing. Can you even describe absence of everything/anything since ones mind fixes on a name to identify it?

The void might now be an idea of loss; absolute loss. Problem is something in existence remembers the after image of something. Infinite copies exist and spread like a life form.

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ok, don’t know about void or darkness but here is my definition of left hand path and right hand path —

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I forgot to contribute something about following “THE DARKEST of DARK” paths. :unamused:

And @Sonofthearc thinks we’re fighting.

To you guys postulating that “DARK” is subjective, wouldn’t that negate the law of polarity? I don’t think it’s honest to reply to OP with: “How dark are we talking? Your dark is not my dark. Dark can even be light. etc.” DARKNESS is not a human construct. That’s stretching it.

Where are we drawing the lines? And what’s the purpose of redefining them? I asked because even when repurposing said definitions, they are still somehow hinged on our traditional connotations regardless of your personal code.

There. I’m contributing to the thread.


Hell, I was mocked when I first showed up. I still catch shit from people, but I let it go. My path is a strange path, and, with it being just that, I will have my share of detractors.

OP, darkest paths are less about internet edge, and more about how you do work.

I know of magicians who do some dark shit with angels, and do healing with demons. I personally stopped thinking in terms of dark and light, and simply started working magick without labels.

However, if you are wanting to call forth the sickest, most vile spirits of death, illness, and mayhem, it isn’t difficult.


I think I agree with you. I don’t call it ‘dark’ but the sentiment is clear.

Truth is much more interesting than other people’s agendas.

For me, ‘Dark’ is the unevolved humans who hurt others for fun, because they are damaged or because they don’t have the capacity for compassion.


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Understood and much respect to you I appreciate your work.

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