Choosing to work with or get to know an entity

I’ve been reading a lot on different entities and demons lately on here and through other sources, both for the knowledge and to see who I might be interested in working with in the future and for what. One that’s standing out to me a lot is Asmodeus. From what I’ve read, most others have had good experiences with him and I’ve seen him described as everything from protective and friendly to sexual and funny, which is not only much like my own personality but some of those things are also traits that I value in others. On the other hand, I also came across a few people who said that did not have good experiences with him, but also didn’t offer much other information there as to how their experience was bad or why.

I’m curious to know first off, what your experience with Asmodeus has been like. I’m also curious if it would be a bad idea to attempt to contact him, being a beginner. I had no problems contacting Azazel, but he also reached out to me first. And my last question…would it even be a good idea to contact an entity without them having reached out? Would I have better luck with an entity who has already shown interest in working with me on their own?


I have very little experience with Asmodeus. I did a meditation or two on his enn and call to him in my Dark Lord’s Banishing Rite. I do intend to work with him in the future though. He is empowering, Beautiful and sexual. You will notice the beauty in yourself and in your appearance. Though I do think that you might develop a Temper (his Planet is Mars and its common among deities who correspond to this Planet).

I think he has already shown interest in working with you. The fact that his name has stood out among all the Spirits shows this. Now if you feel you want to work with him, go for it. I recommend doing a bit of research. You’re likely entering a wonderful relationship!!


I’ve heard that about him bringing out your temper before and I’ve heard the same about your sex drive. That’s kind of another question that I had actually…if I already have a wildly high sex drive and a temper, would it be a bad thing to work with him, like would those traits become too over the top? At the same time, that’s another one of those things that brought out my interest in him, because again it seems that I have a bit in common with him, and I’ve heard that it can be good to choose entities to work with who are similar to you.


I don’t think it would be that extreme. It would be important to ground however. In fact, ground after every ritual.

Yes we do! And sometimes we may connect with a Spirit who represents our shadow side.


Sounds like it’s worth a shot. I know some spirits are more friendly towards beginners than others. Any idea where he stands there? And yeah, I’m not really sure what it is, if it’s about my shadow side or something else but something about him caught my attention.

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I’d generally put him like I put all of the others in the Middle. If you approach him with respect, you’re in for a treat! If you decide to be rude then well I feel sorry for you…

I think I’m gonna to go for it. I just want to do some more research first. I came across a few people saying to stand the first time you contact him, so I’m trying to find out if there are more specifics involved or not.

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I sat😐 Man I’m lucky he wasn’t angry.

Also don’t cover your head.

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I’m going to spend the weekend doing more research and I think if I can get the time and privacy, I’m going to do it Monday night. I’m a little nervous but really excited.

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All the best!!

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