Choosing the right deity or spirit

I really want to start working with spirits (or deities, but that does sound even more intimidating with my nonexistent experience?), but even after wuite some time trying to do research on who to start working with, I’m stumped. Mostly I want it to be someone who can help me find myself and move forward in life towards the kind of person I want to be, and to help me along with the path of witchcraft and such.

Also, follow up question. How do I go on about starting work with them? I have several resources and some rituals even, but I’m not sure which is the one I should use and which directions to follow.


Do the research on them, find out as much as you can. Look up their sigils and enns. Get candles, incense and mirrors. They like offerings and for you to have a good attitude when working with them. Lucifer is wonderful<3 use the search bar at the top right, there are others that have described it much more thoroughly than I have, but you get the gist. The more you put into the practice the more your gonna get out of it.


All I did was look through a list of spirits, write down the names of the ones who stuck out to me the most (as in, I got a bit of an excited fuzzy feeling, or they felt “familiar” somehow) and research them to see if any of them speak to you further.

You can also reach out to spirits that seem to keep popping up at you online or through your life. Do you scroll through this forum and notice a certain spirit’s name being repeated throughout your research? Maybe that is a sign for you to contact them.

Another thing is to find a spirit who is similar to you in personality as well as who you share zodiac signs, planets, elements, etc. with.

Use your intuition, let it guide you to a spirit that resonates with you, write down their sigil and meditate on it for a few days, envisioning your love for them as well as the power your feel within yourself. Sometimes I feel that I should give the sigil some sunlight to infuse it with the sun’s energy, sometimes I feel that I should anoint it with an essential oil or cover it with certain herbs or flower petals to charge it – but before any of that, I feel that in order to get to know them and connect with them before contact, I sleep with the sigil cradled to my chest for as long as it feels necessary.

Once you feel you are ready, open the sigil, make a little altar for them, and meditate on their Enn. Keep doing this whether you think you feel their presence or not. Just because you can’t sense them does not mean it didn’t work. Give an offering, thank them, and don’t banish them – they will know when the ritual is over. They are smart. They can choose when to show up and how long to hang around before leaving.

One thing that helped me develop a deeper relationship was to ask them to come visit me in my dreams.

You can also call upon Satan to send you a demon that will guide you as a beginner. Astaroth and Lucifer are really good to work with and learn from.


thank you! I’ve been having a hard time finding proper lists of spirits etc, I have a few but I have no idea about their credibility, and they’re very short and limited, and I’m not sure where to or how to find more

VK Jehannum’s blog has a really amazing list and a lot of resources to get you started, but don’t totally rely on his work – read anything you can get your hands on. Use your intuition – if something doesn’t feel “right” then listen to yourself. And remember, the best way to learn about a demon is to contact them!


I reached out to the darkness around me, that has always been around and through meditation and divination finally got their name. :heart:

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