Choosing between 2 Goddess

Can anybody give any Advice on Choosing between Saint death and lilith i Personally don’t want to just up and leave Santa Muerte for lilith. I even offer to work with both of them but they both said no cuz it would be too dangerous and it would Cause Psysical Harm on me . But a part of me already accepted working with lilith while the other doesn’t want to and stay with Santa Muerte although lilth keep saying she can offer me a better future while if I stay with saint death I will be in the past feeling like in outcast

DO you feel like an outcast? Not sure the negging sounds much like Lillith tbh. Makes me suspicious. Have you tried doing a proper banishing then re-evoking to ask a Lillith that you’re positive is the right one?

No I don’t feel like in outcast and yes alot of people keep saying is not her I double Check did a banishing AND even ASK Santa Muerte and she said yes is her I also did a Reading to double triple Check myself i even Asked my Succubus and she also saids is lilth

It’s your choice, and your spiritual life, so choose whichever path you are most drawn to. If it means walking away from Santa Muerte for a better future, then do so, but always remember that it is your choice to make, not the goddesses.’

Progress requires sacrifice, and sometimes that means stepping out of our comfort zone and turning away from something or someone that has served us well.

Do some introspection. Ask yourself what you desire most, and really listen to what comes up. Do you want to stay in the comfort and safety of the known with Santa Muerte, or do you want to step into the fearful uncertainty of the unknown with Lilith? Only you can answer that.


the tone of your response… makes want you to be my mentor. Damn, not a lot of people would really listen and give a caring advise as you just did.

*Be Blessed.


Thank you I really appreciate the Advice


So true on that

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