Choosing an entity for assistance, and experience with Lucifer?

I’ve contacted a few entities without results or good results. It’s only been a few days since the last, so hopeful.
Yesterday I was reading through forums and trying to learn from others, and I kept seeing people having really good experiences and connections with entities, especially Lucifer and Lilith. I saw that Lucifer is great with beginners, so I did some research, and reached out to Lucifer last night via sigil and enn.
I asked for help and guidance, to know what path to take, to gain understanding and insight, to help me grow, and to also potentially guide me to whatever entities might help me. Generally speaking and specifically.
I didn’t have any thoughts or dreams. I didn’t feel anything unusual. Is there something I should be doing differently or in addition?
I feel like I’m looking for the path others are on, but can’t quite seem to connect.

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Meditation, and mastering silencing the mind is very helpful and important to success with any spirit i believe. I suggest trying to incorporate those things into your practice. Maybe 45 minutes a day meditation to stop the inner dialogue. Other than that, i dont think there is a wrong way for Lucifer. Grimorium Verum has a good method to contact Lucifer. Offer him gifts, show him respect. Personally i give my blood to this god but I know not everyone is comfortable with this. As far as other spirits, i do support the work of Mr Mark Alan Smith. The path in his grimoires should provide success with a great relationship with Lucifer, and Hekate. Hopefully this is helpful!


It takes time and experience and no one gets it overnight. No one goes from zero to hero in a short period of time without some exceptional talent that most don’t have (including me).

It also takes working on your clairvoyance, clairsentience, and/or clairaudience. Working with the spirits in the meanwhile will help stimulate that, in my opinion, so it’s worthwhile to continue calling on him. It’s a process and how long it takes varies per individual, but be prepared for it to take a while.


Lucifer & Lilith is where I started. I lean more towards nature atm until Orobas started popping up again. My mind was getting warped signals a lot but horses are usually friendly. Then while hiking I get another flash in my head and feel horny. I turn and see

Well, did a simple ritual and recited his enn and traced his sigil in this wood rubbed it a bit and flooded my brain with some imagery.

Old stump it seems but I don’t recall ever seeing it before in the deep forest.