Choosing a demon from LHD for a grant

Hello everyone!

I am going to hear soon about a decision for a grant I applied for. Was wondering which demon to choose from the LHD book specifically and I narrowed it down to Parelit and Diopes.

Parelit can compel somebody to decide swiftly in your favor, but it says only when the need is urgent and not just when you’re being impatient.
Diopes can help when requesting money for a specific purpose, but it says not to say where the money should come from.

I am a bit confused. Can anyone help me choose a demon, or if I can summon both separately? Or if there’s a better demon for the situation then I would really appreciate it.


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What is LHD ?

I think he meant LHP.

I too but asked for every case

Lucifer and the Hidden Demons


ooooohh, ofcourse. Thank you

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Yes I mean Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. Sorry for the confusion!

Choose Parelit. Lol.