Today for some reason I started remembering an episode I had while falling asleep some time ago. I kid you not I felt as if two hands were placed around my neck and were chocking me!! I got up and coughed and coughed until I was able to breathe. It freaked me out! Anyone have anything like this happen? And what could it have meant?

Yes 1 it be the cold, or hot weather, im used to cold weather and in stores or cafes shops is 90 degress,tat is 1 thing. The second maybe u dnt do proctecion spells toward evil eye, etc. Uf u wake up often between 2,4 am its to worry but easy to get off. Do a tarot reading.

I knew this girl who also had episodes of sleep paralysis, one time the same thing you described happened to her. I suspect it may be the same mechanism, so I can’t help you with that, except to say that it may not be occult-related in any way. And yes, I saw it and it wasn’t pretty.



Yeah it sounds like a “hag attack”. Also known as sleep paralysis but it usually feels like someone sitting on your chest. Cleanse and banish.