Chocolate Marquis Andras

Been planning this for a long, long, looooong time now - and today was the day.

Lit my incense, and called to Marquis Andras. I should note here that I keep mispronouncing his name… but that apparently wasn’t an issue thank goodness. I stood tall, raised energy, and down he came.

At first I wanted to question it - that niggling doubt voice I really need to eat and make gone - but I persisted. I knew he had come because my hands and forearms had an almost numb feeling to them and I could feel the external energy going from the back of my head and down my spine a little.

I made my request: smash a certain ungrateful abusive jerk and his backstabbing girlfriend/wife repeatedly with his fist until they were ashes as a means to achieve my goal, which is kind of a mixture of revenge and justice. I’m not kidding, I got a gentle-feeling of, “Okay. I will.” Kind of like a caring friend saying, “You want me to kick their asses? I’m gonna kick their asses.” without ranting.

He has a lite chocolate cocoa feeling to him. And it was a gentle and kind encounter. Not at all what I’d been given to expect judging by my research. I mean, I have “Monkey’s paw” written twice in my journal here as a warning.

So I’m here to praise him for being so nice, and for agreeing to help set some very deep, grievous matters to rights. And overall for agreeing to making me feel better.


I have faith my wishes will be done. No need to wait until after to thank many times.


Andras below: click on spoiler


Aim below: click on spoiler


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I am a firm believer in the power of perspective. It’s like how dreams are often to be interpreted according to the dreamer’s personal way of thinking - metaphorical messages aside. I have yet to have a single entity come to me in any of the forms that others perceive them as, and some approached me that I recognized right off with a lightning bolt feeling of “this is that person”… aside from Ganesh, who chose the most commonly known form and even then I had to ask just to make sure as I normally don’t work him on any given waning moon.

That being said, I’ve also noticed that when approached by noncorporeal beings, their appearance can represent many things. They may choose a form to endear and/or frighten you. Their form almost always contains something in it to communicate something, be it a feeling (like when I summoned Dantalion and he came as a clown as a reflection of the situation) or something else.

If I perceive your energy as chocolate - I mean me personally - that’s actually a good thing. It’s also the way I interpret your frequency. Some folks are light, airy, or are strawberries. (For the record, those folks almost always turn out to be shallow asshats.) It’s a positive perception, and it actually makes me comfortable in your presence. If I perceive you as vanilla, you’re probably going to be associated with healing - and indeed anything that “smelled” of vanilla has always turned out to have healing abilities.

So him arriving as a cup of lite cocoa - not too hot and not too cold BTW - can be interpreted in a lot of ways but I suspect it would have been: Okay. She’s been given to understand I’m a total totalitarian jerk that will rip her head off if I think her request isn’t serious enough for my attention. I want her to know that I’m coming with a friendly frame of mind. I also don’t want her “shelf slipping” - which is a problem she has in that she’ll just kind of bust out of whatever she’s doing and not be able to get it back.

So I’m coming with a friendly heart, and because I"m slipping over her a bit she’s going to pick up on that emotion. And because she is who she is, she’s going to mentally interpret it as hot cocoa, the lite kind. Not too sweet, not too hot. Just right.

That being said, I’m not discounting these books. I’m saying their descriptions aren’t always going to be the same from person to person, especially me. If I remember correctly, there’s one they say manifests as a bear.

I seriously hate bears…