Chinese dragon tattoo

I have a chinese dragon tattoo that is unfinished because i havent done the shading because some friend told me that i was about to use the wrong colors.

My dragon is coiled around a sword and is looking kinda angry. The tattoo artist without consulting me added fire around my dragon.

I was planning to shade it black and red.
For me this dragon is protection. I had the tattoo after i went through a bad experience and i wanted the dragon to be unforgiving to my enemies. I didnt want the dragon to bring me money or whatever. I wanted pure protection at its highest.

What colors should i make the eyes and the dragon? Why can i not have red or yellow eyes on my dragon? And why i cannot have red fire around my dragon?

My friend had really freaked out about the selection of colors that i was planning to use and told me it would be bad luck.

For me it is really important to sort out what i am doing because i want to activate the dragon to do its purpose which is to protect me from enemies.

I have been googling and i cannot find the right answer.
So if you come from this culture please explain to me why because i want to have my tattoo finished.
Thank you.

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I think you can make it any colors you like that mean something to you. Make it personal.

If you want to go with Chinese correspondences, by this article, Red dragons are for luck and black is for vengeance. For protections I’d go with red. Red with gold accents. So, gold eyes, claws and such. Yellow I guess, in ink. (Just intend that it’s gold :slight_smile: )

Only if you say so. This person is not a western occultist it seems, so they don’t know how magick works, and is following a mythos not a magickal tradition that might not really be relevant here. I’m not hearing “this is an authentic Chinese dragon”, I’m hearing “this is a dragon I’m designing inspired by Chinese dragons”. Not the same thing.

You’re the magickian so it’s your magick, no?
Ok, there’s a certain weight in the human astral that certain Chinese dragons mean certain things to the Chinese/people following this way, but you’d have to have those people that care about it to see your tattoo and put out negative energy about it for it to matter personally to your magick. What are the odds of that happening?

It’s your dragon… at this point you have to decide if you’re attracting an actual Chinese dragon spirit and want it to look like that, in which case I’d say talk to it ad ask it what it looks like, or making a thoughtform that happens to look like a Chinese dragon.

To me this sounds more like a servitor you’re working on, so it will do as you design it to do. Whether that upsets some people’s expectations is on them. I think they could have misunderstood what’s magickally happening here.

I agree with Keteriya’s position on this same question in her servitor tut thread:

I think what’s important is you like your creation, you bond with it and develop that relationship. As a magickian I would say, this being has already been started, it’s already forming, and that means you can talk to it… What about contacting it and asking it to show itself to you as it would like to appear?