Chinese demons?

Does anybody have knowledge about the Chinese demons. There certain people in my life I can say for sure that there reincarnated demons of those path.

Any help?

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China’s a pretty big place with a lot of different currents. Can you be more specific?

E.g., Taoist or Buddhist, or something else?

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Yaoguai are considered demons from Chinese mythology, however a lot of chinese mythologies label a lot of their entities under the term “ghosts” there’s also the Huli jing which is equivalent to the Shinto Kitsune and the Korean Kumiho, that gets labeled a demon.

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See current is just one of the flows of enegry, water. Move to other elements to follow the same paths and see the connectivness in its entirety.

Like earth fire air water space anti matter

English words can have multiple meanings depending on context. In this case, I used it as a term common to the black magik community. I meant it in the sense of ‘tradition of magik’.
E.g. Lovecraftian, Drakonian, Solomonic.
If you try the Search function here using ‘magik current’ you’ll get the idea.

That wasn’t the point though…
Do you know what tradition, religion or philosophy these “Chinese demons” hail from?


Are you certain that the “Chinese demons” you are referring are actually Chinese?

East Asia countries have some similarity (to a certain degree) across their cultural elements.
So people from other countries can mistake one East Asian country’s cultural elements as another one’s culture.
So can you explain what do that “Chinese demons” like, or their names if possible? It’d be easier for you to get help.


Native Chinese there. Could you give some more details?


Who are your demons of your folk lore

And I don’t know I saw ninja assassin the other day and started pondering the possibility.

We have thousands of different kinds of demons, so I need details to figure out.

And in our folklore, everyone can become a Gui (ghosts who refuse or not able to reincarnate, wandering in physical plane) once died. Those who suffered a violent death or died with desires unsatisfied may become evil Gui.


Man, what a mixture!
To get to the point, the movie plus terms ‘ninja’ and ‘assassin’ are all have nothing to do with Chinese culture, nor its demons. I think it’s possible that you’re mistaking.
(Maybe that movie could contain Chinese references but I don’t know…)

Here’s why I think so:

  1. Ninjas were pre-modern Japanese spies who occasionally did assassinations.
  2. The word ‘Assassin’ were derived from a 11th~13th century Arabic secret society, which was both religious and military order. Their major was of course assassination.

I wasnt talking about the whole movie just there first scene where the old man shows his demon tat

Ok, I just saw that scene on Netflix.
The ‘demon’ on the tattoo looks like it’s either Japanese or from Esoteric Buddhism.
Since Ninja is a Japanese concept it can well be Japanese too, but if it’s from Esoteric Buddhism, I can’t tell you its nationality: cuz Esoteric Buddhism is widespread in East Asian countries including Korea, China, Tibet and Japan.

It’s also possible that the ‘demon’ on the tattoo is not a real-life one. It could be movie makers’ invention. :smiley:

Either way the ‘Chinese demon’ you said has very little thing(if nothing) to do with actual Chinese ones, imho.


reminds me of bruce lee. he gots chinese demons. lol ninja assasin cool movie. i don’t know wny people don’t like it. haha.

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Well, I haven’t watched it, but though it is Wabori (=traditional Japanese tattoo). Figures in Wabori are usually taken from Buddhism.

Uuuuu THATS fuccing interesting asf. Looks like I got some research to do.

I don’t think demons categorize themselves as certain ethnic race demons. lol

Spirits don’t have an ethnicity. Ethnicity is honestly just a label humans made up.

I once had a succubus who claimed to have been an ancient chinese minor demon