Chimera Entities For sale

So many of you are probably familiar with this topic

Anyway the beta testing is over and I’m satisfied this has been perfected. I’m currently trying to raise some extra money for some things so if anyone would like to request a chimera entity let me know.

I sold one to Frater Apotheosis the other day and it helped get rid of some things haunting him.

Defectron was nice enough to use my own jewelery, it was apparent that the entity arrived, despite the task at hand of dealing with a group of entities bothering me since a working that had unintended consequences, I didn’t really have anything worthy of it’s power quite yet. It’s the kind of thing you get and it’s power is so remarkable you get a little bit of an itchy trigger finger coming in contact with it.

Well worth the money, and I haven’t seen anything quite like it before either.

Defectron and his chimera have been very helpful.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

Where can you purchase one of these entities what can they help with

Just send me a pm with what you want and we can sort things out.

However before I finalize anything I’m going to put this on hold for a moment. My occult teacher told me he wanted to see me about something tomarow to go over something before I really start to sell these. So just get your request ready if you have one and let me know.

Can you discuss your method of testing?
How did you measure the results?

Can you discuss your method of testing?
How did you measure the results?[/quote]

The same way you would test any regular entity by having it do things. I had some people try using them and also tried using them myself.