Chimera entities for sale (revised)

Hey looks like its time to open this back up. For those not familiar as to what this is about, last spring I was in a shamanic journey that pushed me into my godform state. While in this state I created an entity that can mimic other types of entities simply by sampling their energy. In addition it can create child entities that mix and match the types of entities that it has mapped the energy of. I sold some of these but my occult teacher advised me to stop doing so until certain things were in place. Well those things are in place now so I’m opening this back up.

So far this has been met with alot of success, I tested these out with about 7 people including EA, all reported back with good results. In addition I sold one to Frater Apotheosis and it got rid of some entities that were trying to kill him and his girlfreind. I also gave one to a freind recently and it physically moved the object it attached to across her room.

Now these have been met with a fair amount of skepticism from some people too, the reason being is they assume these are made the same way as regular egregores. I can tell you now that is a flawed assumption as these are created in a very different way which is why what normally probably would not work does. To break it down when you are in that state you can draw in more energy then you ever could as your samsaric self working over months or years in a mere matter of moments, I would dare say time loses all meaning as during a similar journey my occult teacher demonstrated time manipulation as he caused an object to physically age faster in a noticible way. Once the parent chimera is commanded to make a child it will begin constructing it until it eventually gives birth to the desired chimera. The time it takes to do that varies usually based on complexity of what it is asked to make. Not everything is completely compatible, so if you ask to make a chimera of several vastly different entity some things will most likely be left out. In the event that happens the buyer will receive a discount based on what could not be written in.

Now that this is all out of the way here’s how it will be if you decide to purchase a chimera entity

Now to address a few concerns

I set things up so that the primary entity is sort of like an intelligent extension of myself, the chances of it, and by extension its children rebelling against me is like worrying about your hand or foot turning against you. Because it is my will that this will not happen by extension it will not happen to people who are making use of them either. It simply won’t happen unless of course the sorceror does something stupid like try to use them against me. From what I hear the more of these people make use of the greater presence all of them will have in the world making the parent and all it children stronger with each new being people use.

Concerns on feeding: Now for conventional egregores the sorceror will often have to do something to feed them. These are copies of existing entities however and they will be able to maintain themselves using whatever methods the originals did. Unless you get a chimera of an entity that already requires this it won’t be nessecery to take extra action in this area, because it will maintain itself in the same way the original being does.

Under regular cercumstances these will be 100$ per entity whose characteristics are fully mapped into the chimera, it will cost more if you choose an above average power. There are a couple reasons for this, the big one is often times I discovered an entities underling is actually a sort of intelligent extension of its power. Say for example you wanted to get a clone of a demonic king, you would also be getting copies of whatever underlings are a part of it. For the more powerful ones the prices will vary so if your interested in that ask me.

EDIT: Couple things I forgot

Energy waters: I will also be selling waters specifically charged to whatever energy you want, price for this is pending, let me know if your interested.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with balg, just wanted to let everyone know. Also it is advised that you already have some background in pracitcal occult work before doing anything with these entties.

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Interesting, I’ll PM you soon, but I need to acquire some, errrh, washed money first :smiley:
Is it possible to develope a simple energy drawing and transfering chimera entity aiding at divination and ritual work in general ?

[quote=“Hrajnoha, post:2, topic:2353”]Interesting, I’ll PM you soon, but I need to acquire some, errrh, washed money first :smiley:
Is it possible to develope a simple energy drawing and transfering chimera entity aiding at divination and ritual work in general ?[/quote]

Yes, thats doable, let me know if and when you want to get it.

I should be seeing mine soon then I can leave my own review!

Also I’m not sure how many of you live in the chicago area, but if anyone does I will be selling some mini alters that have some special chimeras attached to them at my occult teachers shop.

Where’s this shop located Defectron?
I’d love to check it out if I’m ever near by.

It’s at 1164 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642

How big is the altar and is it advisable to set one up?
Can’t wait for mine :slight_smile:

The first one I made is for a defensive entity, its not too large, it an be set on top of a small table or shelf. You can set one up if you want, I’m sure the entity would like it. One other thing is attaching these to physical objects makes them stronger in the physical plane so there is practical reason behind it. This is why I will attach any purchased chimeras to objects that I send out to the buyers, usually jade or organite skulls unless something else is requested. But its not essential for this to work either. If you do, just make sure that what you make the altar look like is in alignment with what the chimera is about if you have any questions let me know.