I remember reading a quote that said children are held to high esteem in satanism. As a symbol I can see why. Kids are (for the most part) naturally curious, imaginative, and accepting. Till environmental influences teach otherwise. As adults, that part of us goes away and its hard to get back. Still, there is something to say about the logic, wisdom, and resiliency that comes with adulthood. Or should at least. In real life, I don’t like being around anyone below the age of 18. So I don’t like interacting with children. I prefer adults who are still in touch with their inner child like I am. Is there a way to return that child like curiosity, acceptance, and creativity to adults while not compromising, or even actually obtaining, the very wisdom, logic, and resiliency people should get as adults?

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The only thing that I can suggest is opening your mind (and imagination) up to these feelings and traits and simply have that be your intent and focus on having these traits in life