Children of the forest

At the peak of my magickal power i’d have very vivid dreams with entities. One of them was a collection of pale white children in a forest, and when i looked them in the eyes previous dreams surrounding yet not including them flooded into my mind. They were the architects of some of my most profound and weird dreams. They were connecting so much meaning to each dream, which unfortunately i lost due to poor recall There was a blockade of branches leading to what i think was a cave. I lifted my hand, and using my power i made the branches disappear. I cant recall what happened when i entered but it must of been very interesting. So my main question is, who are these spirits? Does anyone have similar experiences?

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I used to dream about a group of “children” when I was little. They were pale, and had a weird vibe to them. Probably not the same children, as they seem to “know” me, well the boy in particular who was the leader of the group. They looked like kids but didn’t act or feel anywhere near that young. Had a wisdom to them.

Recently (few months), had a dream about the same kids. Was catching up with them, like how old friends do. They were helping me to.

Theirs eyes seemed “old/wise”, and they dressed old fashioned to.

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They could be fae, but they also could be simply manifestations of your dream state meant to convey a message.


I remember a dream where I had to hide in a secret apartment. I stayed there for a long time until I was detected. I thought this was the end of me but then I remembered the “children of the earth”. They lived in a cave below the apartment. I called them and they appeared on ponies, laughing and giggling. They distracted my enemies so that I could escape.

Probably not related, but interesting.


I’m most certain they were fae/spirits. They had me using my “mind” for like exercises in the recent dream…also we got to their “place” through the ocean. In the beginning I met the kids in the dream on a big boat in stormy weather and they just kinda jumped into the water and I followed.

It was a weird dream…


As far as my search goes a fae is a fairy, and funnily enough, while thinking about them, i wondered if they were fary’s, i brushed it off but i guess it seems like my intuition speaking eh?


Fae is from what I understand, a broader term then that. Not limited to those “fairies”…look up fae realm, stuff like that. Seelie/Unseelie court.

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ok. Thanks you!

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Fae is a large term for many races such as elves, pixies, nyphms, redcaps, gremlins, etc.