Children in house during rituals

I had a bit of a search and I couldn’t find the topic, but I apologise if this has already been asked.

I have a small child and I’d like to make sure he gets no negative effects (like from parasites or a malevolent spirit that isn’t whom I’m interacting with etc) from my rituals and Magick in general.

Can anyone recommend a way to make sure he’s shielded or protected from any negative effects? I’ve fought hard to keep this child safe in a physical sense (left an abusive relationship and haven’t looked back since), so I wouldn’t want to be the cause of anything bad through carelessness.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


You can search for wards, shielding, banishments, and other such protections in the search bar.

Usually if you’re performing a ritual it should have been properly shielded or banished already to prevent any of that from happening to begin with. If you’ve done that I wouldn’t be worried about it.


I to have a young child in the house when I perform my rituals I keep them out of my rituals space and always in a different room when doing so. As long as you take the necessary steps in warding and banishing you’ll be just fine.


Not child but I use to have a 14 years old cat who love state in my rituals and get closer, sometime so close to circle candles and don’t wanted to live ,so I left him stay beside me, nothing happen.

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Your child is probably as safe as you are. Make sure you are safe. If you have the magick ability to keep parasites out of the house, then your child is also protected from them in the house.


Put a ward around your ritual space. Mine are programmed to do just that