Who doesn’t love their Childhood…
Everybody had very awesome moments in their Childhood
Acc. To law of The Universe we can’t travel back in time
But is their any way or technique to re live our childhood even knowing it’s not true that it’s all in our Mind?


I hated my childhood.

When I was a suicidal atheist at 23, and a clairvoyant voice said “you DO know you’d just reincarnate don’t you?”
It was the exact and only thing that could have stopped me. The thought of risking a new childhood that could have been as bad as the one I just survived.

Kids growing up with abuse would probably love to go back in time to try to change things for the better, but reliving a living hell? No thanks.

Since you asked.

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My childhood was bleak. My teen years I was a depressed kid who only found solace in self harm and even then that was barely enough. I won’t deny that there were moments where good things happened that helped me forget the reality of it all, but even the small happy moments produces a very sad feeling when reflected on.

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