Childhood long demon visitations

So I’ve been debating on posting this for quite some time, but I just felt now would be best.

When I was very young, I’d often talk very deeply about, I suppose religion or supernatural, which my parents knew, but starting at kindergarten, I would get visited by a very strong force.

In kindergarten, I knew there was something watching me. It was a gut feeling. And even though my family never shared anything religious with me at the time I immediately knew it was a demon. And I was very apprehensive when I felt it. And I wasn’t a child that was afraid of many things, or monsters of the sort.
I brushed that off for many years until it happened before I entered middle school. I woke up in the middle of the night with apprehension from seemingly nothing. There was a weight in the room and I called out to what I knew was there. I told it to go away and I felt it leave with what I can only describe as reluctance.
This happened twice more in elementary school.

The last time it happened was before I entered highschool (I’m graduating this year) and this was the most intense it ever had gotten.
I woke up at four am in a sort of panic that left me fearful to move in my bed. Everything around me was boiling so hot, I could see steam even on the mirror. The air was heavy and thick and i was, without a doubt, in the presence of a strong entity. (This was during autumn as well)

(((A side note: a week before, my old roommate brought home a ouija board and we used it and I felt this same presence on a much lesser scale- but through the board it told me to not trust my roommate and not talk to her- and that it would only speak to me. Year later I find out she’s on ten different illegal drugs and has a vast criminal record I didn’t know about))

So. In every circumstance through my childhood, I felt this same very strong presence that filled the whole room.
I’ve always wondered who it could be. I’m very inclined to believe it’s a more prominent demon due to how powerful the presence was whenever it would visit. It was never like the visits in night terrors where they would intentionally stir my imagination to make me afraid.
This presence was only scary in its power and immensity, and Would just, watch I suppose.
After the last time it visited me was one of the kickstarters to my occult studies as well.