Child Molesters and Demons

This is quite a sensitive topic, but some time ago I was hired to do a love spell for a client.

I started the ritual and I worked with the demon and friend Zepar to empower the ritual but I felt that the energy was “off”.

After writing down the names and dates of birth of the target and person, I discovered that the man wanted me to do a love spell on a minor, him being 11 years older than her.

I quickly stopped doing the spell since I heard once that demons hate child molesters.

After some time I thought that maybe it was culturally acceptable for the client to be with a minor, and soon this made sense when I discovered that the client was from Saudi Arabia.

This raised questions inside of me, and I wanted to know what you thought about this.

Is it true that demons hate child molesters? Or do they simply don’t care?


Demons are individuals, so some may hate it, some might not care about it. It’s hard to tell their world is different from our own. Yes this is a sensitive topic and it’s hard for some to keep their personal feelings about it free from what an external entity views it as.


As @anon48079295 said, every Demon has His/Her own opinion about this topic, IF They have, or They interested in it at all. Some of Them may handle child molesters in a different way, but remember that this is just a physically world, we handle this way differently like Them.

Personal experience: My very first sex experience with a Demon happened when I was 12.
It is clearly shows that there isn’t really “age” exist in lot of Their eyes.

Furthermore, you have to keep it in mind that there are people who are protected by Demons. And this isn’t a secret that if you’ll try to hurt someone who had a pact with a Demon about this, or simply by Their connection (or if it is a Dedicated one or whatever reason), you can burn your hands (it also can be a child).

Another personal experience about this: There was a man in my life who wanted to rape me once, and he kept (verbally) abused me for ~2 weeks (he lived in the same house with us), then something happened with his family: he lost all of his kids and his wife after 20 years marriage, then he had to move, leave the country.


On the one hand, demons (or at least, Lucifer and Belial) hate slavery. On the other hand, a lot of corrupt people in power are under their constant protection, hence why magicians don’t typically got after them. The same extends to child molesters.

With that said, I think that demons and other spirits don’t operate under the same moral compass as humans do, unless it benefits them and the people they protect.

But even then, I’ve read about people being thrown into dangerous situations by the demons they work with because the latter sees it as beneficial for the magician to grow. They’ll also do it to teach them a lesson, especially if they’ve been impertinent recently.


Maybe there isn’t anything wrong with him at all? What if he’s in his 30s or 40s? That’d make her 19 at the youngest.


OP said it was a minor.


In the US that’s pretty much 17 but in other countries 14 or 15 is an adult so 13 is a minor.

Its complicated by our views. Id ask a Daemon myself if I wanted to know their thoughts on it.


Age of consent laws are a recent invention of human history as far as I can tell. Demons have a completely different moral framework then us and even then not all demons will agree on what is and isn’t okay.

You’ll have people like vk jehannum who swear demons hate pedophiles from personal gnosis. Then you realize some of the demons he works with have origins in Greece and…well do I even need to go into detail there?

Basically, your own code of ethics and whether or not the specific demon you’re working with is cool with what you’re doing are the only things you need to worry about.


I have noticed the mixture of “personalities” and preferences that each demon has and the necessity of relying on myself and my own moral code.

I will ask Zepar what he thinks about this and ask my Higher Self about advice on the topic. Since Zepar caled “himself” a friend in one of my dreams and he has helped me, I prefer to maintain good relationships with him.

Thank you to everyone who answered this post


In my experience, several of the demons I work with hate abusers. But maybe that’s because I a m a survivor of abuse and they want me to think that our views are aligned? Based on the responses to this thread, that seems likely.


Naberius. I can’t recommend him enough right now. He’s a ferocious protector as well as a very kind guide. I know he has a soft spot for victims of sexual abuse and he is so wonderful at setting up friendships that have a way of allowing the person to start their healing Journey even if they’re not involved in the spiritual at all.