Child Like Mentality When Out Of Body

I have sleep projections relatively often and whenever I gain awareness mid sleep I tend to revert to the mentality of a young child and the spirits tell me it’s because a good portion of my mind is asleep. It’s never been any trouble and some astral beings find it cute and even say it’s kind of good due to me having less of a bad temper when in the mind state of a child. I have a short fuse to say the least even when communing with gods and demons and anger control is something I’m currently working on improving. I’m just curious if anyone else has ever had the same experience of reverting to a child like mind if they become aware of the soul travel while asleep?


Hmm, I have never successfully projected so I wouldn’t know. I haven’t heard anything like this though. This is interesting. I suggest looking around on the forum.

My curiosity comes because sometimes I am at my full mentality as an adult in my late 20’s, but every now and then it’s like I’m a child again and just interested in exploring and having fun.

Yes I have found that I am like a child and innocent when I leave my body quite often. It annoys me because I do find it gets me into trouble. Kinda like a kid playing in traffic.

i wouldnt aay thats a bad thing lol

exceot the trouble part but live life as a child and it gets alot more fun and doable

I would say that assessment is deceptive, though not necessarily meaning to be so.

The “mind” here, IMO, is clearly meant to mean your conscious awareness of your physical manifestation and all the things you have “learned” or been programmed with while in that state to be able to function within it. This encompasses all social programming, which is responsible for determining what constitutes “child-like” and “adult-like” in a broad sense.

When you are asleep (whether projecting or not), it is very common to temporarily extract oneself, at least partially, from that social programming of our physical lives.

So I would posit the following: you are not “reverting” as in losing some kind of solid progress, but are shedding temporarily what is no longer of any use, as in the social programming of your specific time and space, which indeed would almost certainly not be applicable at all to almost anywhere else you could possible travel. Social programming is a very specific thing design for a very specific point in time and space. Moving (from our perspective) large distances in either time and/or space, makes obsolete that social programming, and thus it would be considered to me, to be a boon to leave it behind.

And perhaps being unable to leave it behind, it would act as an anchor, isolating you in one general time/space location. Anyone else thinking that might be the mechanism that “forces” reincarnation? The inability (or perhaps more accurately, the unwillingness) to let go?

But again thats just IMO.

What do you perceive as wrong about that?

I don’t see how it’s a deceptive assessment considering I simply explained my experiences. Sometimes during out of body experiences, I revert to the mentality, mannerism and behavior I had as a young child. Legitimately as if I was a child in an adults body in the literal sense. I don’t perceive anything wrong about it as it’s never caused any issues, which I mentioned in the original post. I am simply curious as to if anyone else experienced this while soul traveling because I’ve never heard any talk of it by other astral and soul travelers.

I don’t have just the mentality of a child. I AM a child over there a lot of times! Last night I was there and I saw my behavior so I asked the entity whose house I appeared in how old I was and he said about 10. I have to focus on changing to an adult or at least older and then I can change my appearance. lol! But I was told next time focus on the clothes too! lol! It would be good to know why I am 5 or 11 when I am expecting to be an adult!

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For me, it depends upon where I’m at and what I’m dealing with at the time. For a very long time, I couldn’t get very far in the astral because every time I got out of body, I was obsessed with looking around for something or someone to have sex with. It’s only in my 40s that I’ve managed to get past that and start having productive, informative trips out of body.

One thought is that it might be a developmental stage some of us get stuck at when it comes to our magic. Lots of us believe in magic and soul travel and such as children but are forced to repress these beliefs as we get older.

Another thought is that the part of us that does this work is the child self. And that’s okay.

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You might have a point here. I was an adult for years and then recently I noticed being a child. I am not sure why. But I will look into this developmental thing you brought up. I just thought maybe I hit a point in my life where I just couldn’t adult anymore! lol! I HAVE to do it here but over there? I can be who and what I choose. So I choose to NOT ADULT! lol! I don’t know but I llike that idea too!

Age can be percieved very differently.

Interestingly, Growing pain from the bones makes you feel similar to Grandparents, even older then them.

As a Magician specially, but also withing a working NLP or Self-Hypnosis, you can activly Alter your own perception to be younger / older.

I personally made myself a good deal of 10 Years younger, and many times i’m percieved by others to be younger then i am.

Actually today it confused me to be matched up with my correct age from a co-worker.

However, that propably went down becouse of me getting her Age accurate before.

To be fair, physical Transformation into different ages is actual work to do.

I did plenty of detox and fasting, followed by intoxications, to sufficiently alter certain part’s of me.

A deeper Transformation starts when i go Forward to the expending Phase.

which is, currently delayed a Little more then i desired.

However, there is a seperate benefit of the controled intoxification.

It actually makes a part of you transform into a state, where your unable to decay.

In older arestocratic lines, some People went so far with self-poisoning, that it turned them into immortals. Even when someone tried to kill them, which in Ruling Families acceured quite frequently…

They would still survive, just becouse the immortal part been bigger then the mortal part.

However, there is Things that are pretty much imposible to heal out, even for These People, but those are few.

another reason why that work is making a bigger gap between reincarnation without Control and actually choosing the next vessle to reside in:

Getting to know the afterworlds intimately, makes a good deal of understanding the Progression between lives.

From there on, it becomes more a Thing of Training and successfully controling what happens with the Body on the Moment of leaving it, while also knowing where to go.

just look at the Standard Version of immortality: being invincible - that can be achieved by having a cloak of very stable kevlar.

However, it can be achieved by Mental and astral shields, even more successfully then by a kevlar suit.

Same goes for dormant body’s to attach to.

a Turtle, for example, natrually grounds you to being a longliving being.

just becouse of the paste it uses, as well as their initiate ability to grow extremly old.

the next higher state beyond turtle is deification.

Most People attempt to go over that by creating fame.

Becoming very known by the World.

Others, choose to actually become as invisible as they can while having a stable life.

There is a huge benefit to the invisible side.

It allows you to trap People into mis-believing.

It also allows to grow bigger skills in certain mental games.

As the old chess game sentance goes:

White Begins.
Black Wins.

a part of that black energy however loves to not just work with death, but kinda make it a friend.

there is two ways to see that.

Seeing death from a far distance Level - like statistics and Movies.

And Seeing it from very Close - where you actually attach to the degree of Feeling Guilt / Relief about a Death that acceured.

The funny side on that is, again you can see it as: this Person is dead and gone.
Or as: this Person is now at a Point from where it can choose what to become next.




Up until 6 Years old, childs natrually have an active Bhudda Mode, of full perception and full spectrum of emotions.

They even have their own inner Language, Prior to adjusting to the Society they live in.

So i’d as well consider it a very good trait about you, Blackmage777, that you can inately go into that Level of yourself.

Just a Suggestion:

Try to go into the Child Body and load your or a favorite Elder’s Conciousness into it.

You’ll find that it allows a very peaceful path to unfold, while at the same time gaining more calmness, Control over Emotions, Control over Events acceuring from previous Actions / Memories.



Just remember to astral pocket that adjusted Elder-Child (Oldened Golden Child), as it can be a very powerful tool, to have that Body in remote Location, to your use.

Similar to a box, containing a very personal item, you want it to be guarded by several Locks / Fool-Saves, making it unobtainable any opressor / Outside force.