Chicken foot curse didn't work

Before anyone starts, I didn’t check up. I was told by someone else without asking that her life hasn’t gone to crap at all.

Their friends and family are supposed to abandon them from the off and they certainly have not. Any suggestions?


How long has it been???

A few weeks.

Did you do a divination to make sure that was the right action?

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It’s possible your target has protection.

Everyone has some form of spiritual protection, not just magicians or religious people, and they don’t even have to consciously know about it. The protection could be an ancestor, or a guardian spirit, or even simply a materialistic belief that is strong enough to deflect your baneful work.

I second recommendation of a divination.


Divination and tarot doesn’t work for me unless someone else does it. There was nothing that said it was necessary before doing it. I did everything according to what EA said to do to the letter. I have also done other smaller spells that worked on her.

I am from a hoodoo background here we don’t do divination. I have done many spells that worked without a reading or anything.

Give it to @Micah
Read the post about “Targets”. :+1:t3:

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I practice various African traditions along with Black Magick also. Trust me, I understand hoodoo. You just can throw things at random waiting to see if anything hits.

90% of practitioners have this habit, and get frustrated when they see no results.

Seek divination from outside if you have to. But always seek it first, before you make any move.

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Hi @DarkestKnight and

So asking your two different opinions on this. Is there any attack which dodges the protection? I mean is there something like that?

The smaller things I have done on her worked. And fast.

But she didn’t learn from them. Considering the people around her, she won’t.

Thank you so much.

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Yes. you can overcome protections through brute force, sneak attack, and diplomacy.

If an ancestor is standing in the way, you can go directly to them and ask them to get out of the way. If you can convince them your attack is justified, they may let it proceed.

If it is their Higher Self that is blocking your attack, though, you may have to get yours to intervene as the Higher Self is difficult to overcome through brute force.


He’s on the case. Thanks.

No problemo @NewToThis26

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That’s really not long at all. These things often take time. Sometimes a long time. Did you ever read Baneful Magick? In that Koetting talks about lust for results and how you really need to forget about it, get on with your life and often when you least expect it or have given up, that’s when it will work. He mentions a case where he cursed someone and I’m sure the result didn’t happen until a year or more later.

I did a ritual to separate two friends and it took around a year and a half for the friendship to fade away. But yea I’d get a divination to see what’s going on and if the target has protection, but honestly I think it’s still very early to expect results.


Hi. Thanks. I was just going by EA saying that immediately that certain things would happen. I know it will happen eventually. I guess I was expecting things to happen in a standard way.

I wrote this a while ago; I’m not worried about it anymore.