Chi/Orgone/Magnetic fluid is the key

I’ve read a book that resume well the basis of magick within rites and tradionnal consideration
It’s talk about the chi, the energy of life, basically the energy for manifesting,healing and influencing life.
Frantz Bardon talked about fluid condenseurs, it is probably an other approach of magnetic fluid called by Frantz Anton.
The current issue is that people tend to consider that orgone/radionnic/non-conventional tools are chaos magick,and I agree that there is a lot of charlatans in this branch, fake radionnics, fake orgone, “quantum” shit, but I will always think that magick that involve paradigm shifting is one of the best way to determine what is the key of a powerful spell, the source of success in magick.

I think we should definitely search how to effectively and easily concentrate and accumulate magnetic fluid,instead of searching for rituals and spells (I speak for beginners)
Semens is considered as a magnetic fluid,but for people who tried and never experienced results,what is the issue?

As usual if you have sources, knowledges and experiences


Thank you !!

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