Chi/chakra/ki energy

It’s been said that these energies in these shows are probably plasmas. I’m wondering if people like us who can use our energy much better than most might find a way to make things like these shows possible

@dagar I suppose we could. I’ve seen enough crazy stuff over the years.

Ok so what would one need to do to accomplish this? Buddhist monks have the physical strengthening part down

The Special Effects (light +sound) are a joke, but nevertheless some interesting demonstrations that may be legitimate.

I was about to say :joy::joy::joy:

Also, yes I’ve seen stuff like this done before my very eyes.

What do you mean?.

The energy?

@dagar I won’t go into details, but I’ve been there in person (a participant actually) with some stuff like this. Throwing people backwards with no touch or only light contact (as in a feather touch with no force behind it) etc.


Oh lol. My Martial arts teacher can do this. I was thinking more along the lines of using the electric current in our bodies to create plasma and fly like in the shows

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@dagar The energy essentially strikes at an individual’s subtle bodies. In almost all case the energy is not actually throwing someone back. That’s just the reaction people have to having their subtle bodies struck by this power.


Nice. I have too on occasion, though without any degree of consistency. I couldn’t repeat it if you asked me to. Not yet that is. I have done it though. Several times.

Do you know how to train your body to physically use chi like monks do?

@dagar Yes, that’s either spells which I won’t get into or years of energy accumulating in your tissues until they become like steel.

Which one would you recommend I begin training?

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@dagar They aren’t really mutually exclusive. Do both if you want to. I am hardly a master though, so I can’t say much for sure.