Chi ball question

What is one of the strongest techniques you guys know of chi ball creation?

(I feel attracted to work with them for a while.)

The size and density of the ball is dependent on your ability to make it, there’s not really a lot of variance to play with as you use your Lao gung or palm points. Practice makes perfect.

To get more energy to build a qi ball, add qi cultivation. Breathe in cosmic qi, run it around the microcosmic orbit then down your arms to breathe out into the qi ball. Repeat and each breath makes it bigger. When it’s as large as a beach ball, compress it down to the size of a tennis balls and repeat. Carry on as long as you like then place it in lower Dan Tian to build your qi.

To cultivate Qi:


@Mulberry thank you, I will study it.

Does this technique work for you guys?

Calling forth energy from the Source (with or without the LVX ritual) through your Keter and direct it, using the Path of the Flaming Sword all the way to Tipareth and and then direct back to Gedulah (Chesed) and then splitting the stream of energy from there out your left arm and the other stream to Geburah and out of that arm, to your hands which you shape it in to a ball. And program it with intention.

This is the path of the flaming sword (the Tree of Life in pictures is always mirrored):

You can also focus upon just one or 2 sephirot’s and direct them out of your hands. And do the same.

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Maybe even amplify the chi ball with the god names associated with that Sephira.

You wanna know a secret :slight_smile:

Reality is simply light projected into matter

Matter is low vibrational light, and light is high vibrational matter

It is a holographic reality

There are layers to manifestation and materialization

All of these layers exist in the same physical space. It is your consciousness that has to be attuned to them

You must raise the earth energy and descend the heaven energy into the solar center

That way you loosen up the earth energy and condense the heaven energy into a perfect equilibrium to be manipulated and manifested through full spectrum awareness

You merge these two at the solar center, you must merge the celestial and terrestrial energies, these are also the 2 pillars in freemasonry, together they represent the tree of life and full spectrum reality

However it’s not just the hands that play a part in it, you must learn the biospiritual technologies of the body that can perform such functions which is mainly via the tree of life among other templates


I like your theory, do you think NPCs or soullness people walk around us?

NPCs are real however a soul can enter it’s body

It’s not so black and white in some cases

But yes, some people are just holograms projected by the matrix, they don’t actually exist

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