Check this out lol


Check this out:

My favorite parts:

“One woman I worked with told me she and a friend had decided to make a stuffed Garfield into an idol. They set the stuffed animal up with an altar and knelt before it to pray. She said their prayers were answered.”


“I used to be a great fan of Steven King’s books. I love his writing. Not only is he a master story teller; some of his horror stories actually contain an element of humor! I’ve read nearly all his novels. Unfortunately, I had demonic spirits in my life in association with every story of his I read. A spirit group that were cast out in the name of Pennywise manifested for doing things to negatively affect my appearance.”

So there you have a new banishing lol “In the name of Pennywise the clown,I cast you out and return to the circus tent from where you came…”


I hated that damn clown with its yellow eyes and sharp teeth!


This woman is full of shit.

It’s typical Christian crap mixed with a healthy dose of quackery spreading misinformation about ‘demons’.