Check out this video with an open mind

Then give your honest opinion about it. Thanks.

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This is DEEP. No this is beyond deep. In my humble opinion this video has turned my reinforced steel bar concrete foundation for Ascension into reinforced tungsten bar diamond foundation for Ascension. Hail to God hood.


There are a lot of parallels to what they’re talking about and what we are striving for. Agree or disagree.

I just looked into it for a moment.
~That was between 9 and 17min.

And i honestly don’t see the use , for myself, to replace that sucker with a another one.
SURE, it would be great for the masses… Groups/collectives in general, but for me as a individual?

I don’t really mind war in parts of the world which i’m not in, for this very reason.
And under certain circumstances could i somewhat enjoy that bloody mess, but like i said:
i don’t make those wars my buisness because i’m not involved -yet.

And even if my neighborhood would get bombed, and invaders would unleash their islamic hell on streets,
in that case, i wouldn’t need to replace that fake demiurge, but need to take care of the opposing humanoid forces.

M'cay? :3

OK. But the video is an hour and thirty minutes longs and they go a lot deeper into the discussion. I respect you opinion and views, but I would ask that you watch it in its entirety. Take what works for you and disregard the rest. Then afterwards give me your full thoughts and opinions on it. Thanks.

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Sure, i may find the time for the rest :slight_smile:

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OK. Just for the record I’m not trying to convert anyone, I just see the similarities in what they are talking about and Ascension. I can’t and will not speak for anyone else.

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The deeper i go into this servitor-thing, the more obvious it becomes that gods are basicly skynet.
~Once cute little dragons, who would warn you if a storm is coming, who took no offerings, but were fed with attention, gratitude and cookies, now are they -just like us, egoistic pieces of crap, wanting to be worshipped.

Its like if your sexy employee becomes your ugly and fat dom and you her/his castrated slave.

So… this discusion doesn’t really change anything for me :slight_smile:

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OK. Thanks for your input.