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That’s their religion. You posting this won’t change anything, whether or not that was your intent.


there religion is mostly christianity this is there craft. the woman collecting the blood is a shangoma. they are picked by there dead relatives to become a shangoma. it is fine for them to do it here in south africa but a left hand practitioner that does this will be put in prison for animal cruelty… bastards


Religious persecution? I can’t understand why such things still exist in today’s world. Some people just can’t move forward.


a few of the satanists here is thoughs who do it to look evil like kids and such never understanding what satanism is. so there have been a few times where guys got caught for the killing or burning of someone and said they did it for satan or this kid that chopped a guys head of with a sword at school and said slipknot told him to do it in there music. so people are scared shitless here of anyone even mentioning the word satan. so its turned into a kind of mass histaria thing here.