Cheating. on magic. training,

Recently i got a reading from one if my exputas,she say,nit doubts,keep forward,so this ritual call 4 9 drops of blood,i puss out,and did 3, drops,it come from mouth,not fingers,but idid try,even my wrist,im scare of finger blood,so i feel l a cheater,layer,low magician,but i believe,3by3,9 lets say i adapt it,i will continue. Whit ritual,i m doing my best,i feel bad,&confused,downer,but its like ya do wat ya can ,i knw not excuse, as soon i finish ,i will restart,it,

Hey zorrito,

Dont sweat it too much, I was a bit of a pussy getting blood too.

Just get something like this and you can easily get blood from your finger.

Does it matter where the blood comes from? i think taking blood from your leg would be good option if its taken with a knife cut, because in the leg people won’t necessarily notice the cut so easily- and also if they did you could just say "oh i don’t know something must have scratched me. Idk :smiley: just an idea.

I’ve got a Rambo looking knife that I barely have to press down with to draw blood.
The amount of blood doesn’t matter.
IMO if you are genioune on why your giving your blood the amount you get won’t matter.
Also I believe the pain itself is part of the sacrifice.
It’s the thought that matters and all that.

I like to get blood from my shoulder or leg where the cuts are concealed.
When I was using my forearm people started asking me “Are you OK?” Lol

Tanks so much guys, i knw adapt circunstances,methods, i gess i will get a rambo knife or a ninja star,tanks,

Another idea is to get one of those razor blades from a hardware store (the ones with only one sharp side I think they’re used for scraping paint off windows I clean and disinfect mine every time and keep it with my ritual items wrapped in a clean cloth.

Gypsy soul,i just wonder sorry which part ya cut? I mean im a guy,not im not creppy,sorry,

[quote=“zorrito, post:7, topic:4171”]Gypsy soul,i just wonder sorry which part ya cut? I mean im a guy,not im not creppy,sorry,[/quote] Your not “being creepy” at all I always use my left forearm (I tend to try to cut a reversed cross )

Cut the palm of your hand, it’s the most traditional. It hurts the most too, and is a constant reminder of the dark work that is underway.

Diabetics pins or whatever is English name for for it works wonders. Lots of blood if deep enough and not too much pain.

I like that symbology as it leaves the mark, the mark is symbol of work - but of course it also can be a problem when it comes to people asking about “where did that come from” or “are you cutting yourself” etc

My family simply assumes I’m clumsy while cooking. And since I used be, it blinds nicely.

Book of Ceremonial Magic: Chapter V:
"… let him pierce that finger with the lancet of the Art, so as to draw blood, and form therewith the character of Scirlin …"

Found this looking for something else, anyway it’s good support for using a diabetic lancet, and whoever wrote that probably used whatever was most advanced at the time.

I broke apart a shaving razor head and got a bunch of smaller razors. The only time I use my blood is to feed my familiarand I only give him 3 drops a week.

Hey guys i Figueroa. Tis,plz dnt call peta on me,its kind like joke,but i gess using soon