Cheapest way to eat raw vegan foods/recipes?


if the earth is round, then it should curve 8 inches per mile. Why then can you see an object 200 miles away using a telescope, even though that object should be UNDER the horizon? That right there is proof enough the earth is flat.



Can we please stop this “flat earth” shit? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if the earth was flat. Hell, it could be a flying fucking donut with chocolate toppings. If the magick works in this physical reality, i’m happy. :smiley:

So this will be my last explanation… i’m here to learn about magick. I don’t care if we live in a videogame simulation or whatever. I don’t give a flying fuck. My ascension path is the only thing that matters for me. :smiley:

Oddly enough, there are people today who think that the earth is flat. They claim to have a pile of evidence to this effect, but all they really have is a pile of garbage.

It seems to be the only math which many flat-Earthers are willing to consider accurate. The Earth, they say, supposedly curves away at a rate of eight inches times the distance in miles squared. Which is true. Kind of. But not really.

The figure, which they say comes from NASA, or “science,” actually comes from a very different source. Flat-Earthers, no matter where they got it themselves, owe it to none other than Samuel Birley Rowbotham, author of Zetetic Astronomy. He got it from the Encyclopedia Brittanica , where it is cited under the heading “Leveling.” You’ll find his lengthy quote (I doubt that he got permission to use it, by the way) starting on page 8 of the 1865 edition of his book.

The problem is that this is in the context of civil engineering, not mathematics, and it’s just a rule of thumb employed by plane surveyors to compensate for the drop in a target of the same height as the surveyor’s transit. It builds up inaccuracy as the distance increases for two reasons, the first being that it is not exact, and the second being that it is not based on the formula for a circle. It actually plots out to be a parabola.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take an extreme example, the most extreme possible in the globe model, in fact. So, what is the farthest apart two points can be on Earth? The answer is about 12,500 miles apart, because if they are any farther, they will be closer from another direction. What is the maximum drop a target can have? About 7950 miles, the diameter of the entire Earth (although, looked at another way, the drop at 12,500 miles is zero). How does the formula stack up?

The square of 12,500 is 156,250,000 and 156,250,000 times 8 inches is 1,250,000,000 inches, or 236,742 miles. About the distance to the moon. See what I mean? Eight inches per mile squared never curves back on itself, and becomes progressively less circular as the distance increases.

But that isn’t even the biggest problem with eight inches per miles squared. The biggest problem is that flat-Earthers, with few exceptions, apply the formula to the wrong situation. They apply it to the question: how much of a distant building or land feature should I be able to see from a given distance? And for that question, eight inches per mile squared is useless, unless you want to posit that every observer is lying down with his face planted firmly on the ground with one eye closed.

The simple fact is that you can’t answer this question without taking at least two things into account. The first is the height of the observer. I won’t go into the math, because you can look that up for yourself. There are online calculators.

The other thing you have to take into account is atmospheric refraction, the fact the different densities of fluids such as air bend light. Flat-Earthers love to invoke refraction to explain sunsets, as much as they like to disparage it as an excuse when viewing distant objects.

For just a little information on how refraction can skew observations, especially close to the ground, and especially over water, I refer you to none other than page 10 of the 1865 edition of Zetetic Astonomy.

Puts a whole new light, I think, on Rowbotham’s experiment at the Old Bedford Level.

So there you have it. And this was my last argument against the flat earth.

I’m going back to magick. No hard feelings. :+1:t3:


Exactly, and that’s why you can see China using the said telescope from the USA as well. It’s because the earth is flat :wink:


What you refer to as “science” is not science at all, because they are operating with a dogmatic mindset and an information filter, as the writer of the Forbidden Archaeology book, Michael Cremo, says.

Basically, any evidence they discover which contradicts the current Darwin belief system is simply filtered out and totally ignored. That is not science. That is dogma.

The elite is hiding the true history of the human race and this earth plane. As long as they have power, as long as the dumb masses allow themselves to be enslaved, then there is no hope for any true science to take place. Or as E A Koetting said, once science gives up it’s dogmatic materialistic anti-metaphysical views, then what is called science and what is called magick will be understood to be the same thing, those two things will conjoin and meet.



I don’t care what you say or what evidence you present. I know the Earth is flat because the Rev. Robert O’Hara Murphy proved it to me many years ago – freehand blackboard drawings, plasticine models, scriptural verses – the whole fucking box and dice. He also told me – and I’ll never forget it – that “God is a black woman”. Bet you didn’t know that either.




That’s fine. I respect your opinion. Everyone has the right to believe what he / she wants.



I’m still waiting for the day that science will catch up on the paranormal world / magick etc.

Science has still a long long way to go. I’m not denying that.

Meanwhile I will continue my journey on the spiritual path. Science is a part of me, on this physical plane. And I let it be. Science is still a baby and it has to grow and develop. It has to go through revolutions etc. Whatever the outcome is, we have to raise our consciousness. And be on our spiritual path.

If I ever get lucid / astral with great vividness I will investigate and ask the science demons. They will know the truth. Their science is more advanced.


I think salads with veggies and/or fruits ‘n’ nuts is the way to start. Should be pretty accessible and affordable. Well, if lettuce is expensive where you live I’m sure you’ll find plenty of substitutes. I live in the Caucasus and one of the most common salads is just tomatoes, onions, and cucumber seasoned with some cilantro and perhaps a mix of water, oil and lime/vinegar. The Greek salad is sorta similar, but just includes olives and feta cheese (:slight_smile: you can find a vegan sub :slight_smile:).


oh yea i’ve seen that “Russian salad” even being sold in India, of all places.

Anyway this whole raw vegan idea was pretty dumb to begin with. I tried soaking sunflower seeds in water and they start smelling very bad after about 20 hours of that. So I just put them in the oven and roasted them for 20 minutes.

Raw cucumbers sprinkled with black salt is about as far raw as i am willing to go.


The Temple Of Set began with strong military ties and was funded to do work. The pedestrian science for the masses isn’t the science that’s known and used. Formerly it was said that Magick was about 200 years ahead of science. One example was the documented written use of penicillin moulds by witches hundreds of years before it was discovered by science. (Sorry, can’t provide a reference.)

P.s. The Rev. Robert O’Hara Murphy used to get the kids to come to after school scripture class by giving us Sobranie cigarettes. We were too young to buy cigarettes so we had to go to his scripture classes. He got me addicted, bless him.


yea that is another point. Whatever “technological progress” is being released for the public, the Elite probably have technology which is 1000 years more advanced.

At the same time, the common masses refuse to evolve. They need the Elite to rule over them, right?


“The common masses” are sheeple (Homo normalis). Learn how to use and play with them. They’re not endangered so feel free. Learn and exploit their paradigms.



they are all NPCs, robots.


Yeah you should venture into “raw” only when you really feel inspired to do so. While I know that consciousness of pain, whether to oneself or a seeming other like an animal, has a negative effect on us, there is no real issue with cooking or things like lab meat (:slight_smile: oh yeah, it should be available in most places at price range within +30% of “regular” meat within the next 6 months tops :slight_smile:). Raw is really only necessary when you’re inspired to do so.


Start with this, i buy it in bulk, very cheap compared to other sources.

Colloidal Silver to achieve homeostasis the fastest.


Heres one:

-Ninja Blender

  • alot of green vegetables and other stuff for smoothies and Superfood drinks.

  • Drink Kombuchas =)


And a contradictory statement:

Watch out about vegetables and veganism. Can destroy you in the long run.