Cheapest way to eat raw vegan foods/recipes?

For the most part I eat a small bowl of white rice with a bit of light soy sauce mixed in twice or even three times a day.

I’d like to get into raw vegan diets but it seems pretty expensive. Does anyone know any raw vegan foods or recipes that I can eat, that are extremely, extremely cheap? Such as peanuts soaked in water or something like that? Lettuce unfortunately is a bit expensive so that’s out of the question.


ah fuck this shit. Searched thru like 6 different pages and all the recipes they showed would require spending quite a bit of money. Best option I found is this, some raw tomato soup and it looks like shit

guess i’ll just buy a head of iceberg lettuce and mix it with salt and olive oil.

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Apples are in season. If all you eat is white rice you’re gonna need a multivitamin or you risk malnutrition.


nah i eat other things too but i drink cow urine once a day, which is basically a god-like substance.

Hey, if you look on YouTube I have found a lot of great videos on this. Also finding someone to go with and spitting items that comes in bulk. Freezing stuff is great. I will look back to find you the videos. Good luck I know it can be really frustrating.

I don’t like Veganism or anything like that but i totally support you! :black_heart:


There’s always growing your own as well. Not cheap on your time and labour, but cheap in cost.


I would suggest growing… alot of the goetia demons can help teach the skills needed, and thers such a facinating array of things to grow- including things for spells/workings… what a great way to connect with energies & save money!

I have a huge back garden growing boring grass at the moment its my plan to turn it into a magic garden, and im on the wait list for an allotment… can’t wait to get started on it… !

basically i am not even talking about recipes, i just want extremely simple one item things that can be consumed. Such as keeping raw peanuts in water for 24 hours and letting them get soft and then eating them. Quite frankly, that’s all i can think of for now.

Whenever i eat meat or wheat (as they call it gluten, nowadays), my digestion slows down quite a lot. So no pizzas, breads, pastas for me, other than like once or twice a week at most. Good god, if i ate bread or pastas 3 times a day, i’d be shitting stones and probably sick once or twice a month.

good idea. There’s some natural plants that grow very easily. Have you heard of karela, or bitter gourd? Grows very, very easily. It’s got a very unique tastes and can also cure diabetes, and lowers blood pressure, and a whole lot of other good benefits too.

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Raw veganism is awful for your health. Being vegan is more than enough to keep yourself healthy.
And don’t drink cow’s urine. Urine has got toxines. The opposite of what you want tp have in your body.

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nah man, cow urine is divine! LOL. For real, i was smoking like 2 packs of cigarettes a day and developed a bad cough and got an x-ray and there was some kind of lump/growth in my left lung.

I drank 2 tablespoons of cow urine every day in the morning for 2 to 3 weeks and after 4 weeks the growth was completely gone. Cow urine is a miracle.

in India there is a ritual where every 2 weeks, you avoid grains and only eat vegetables for one day.

I am thinking to adopt that style of diet for 80% of my daily food consumption. Basically on that day people avoid rice, grains, wheats, and beans, and so they only eat vegetables and dairy. Although dairy is not good as the factory farming methods are fucking evil. And full of chemicals.

No darling, it is not. I know what I am talking about. You can say that as well for bleach if you want, but it is NOT good. It is your health after all. Up to you.


I repeat myself, being raw vegan is crazy, you will develop malnutrition, but if you want to hurt your body that much, go ahead.


some scientists in India studied cow urine and cow dung and found it to have anti-septic properties. As for the urine of other animals and humans, yea it’s impure. Then again I’ve started seeing a lot of “urine therapy” articles as of late. Either way i’ve been drinking cow urine for like 10 years now. Never felt more healthy. Hell, my kundalini even awoke for a 3 month period about 4 years ago.

raw vegan is going a bit far, i’ll agree but making 30% or so of your daily diet as raw vegan foods, is nothing but a net positive for your health.

Again, I doubt that the source of that “scientific articles” are legit or viable. Cows have an urinary system that is very similar to other animals. I have actually checked in the medical databases I am signed in, and there isn’t any evidence about cow’s urine. You do what you want with your health, but don’t provide misinformation in a social media like this forum. It is harmful.

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By being vegan, if all your snacks are raw (yoghurt, nuts, fruits, veggies with hummus…etc) then you are already achieving what you want.
Why not doing that?

nah i don’t want to go 100% full raw vegan. I agree with you that that is a crazy idea. But let’s say you eat 3 meals a day. Keeping one of those meals as a raw vegan meal is good enough.

I just found out that pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and peanuts are all super affordable. Almond and walnuts, not so much, those are quite expensive nuts.

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