How do I get the ringing to stop, with the chatter that is not words just vibrations of pitch and pressure

Have you medically been checked out for tinnitus?


Like as said above, I would get that medically checked out. I get a ringing of the ears too, I suspect alot of it is medical related (with mine). Could be the case for you as well.

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These can also be symptoms of random RF (radio frequency) pollution generated by AI that isn’t directly targeting you, necessarily, but you’re picking up from the environment.

The yt channel Lookoutfacharlie explains how that works. Start with the video, the schizophrenic that wasn’t.
Spoiler: it’s not really magickal, it’s tech that looks paranormal. Your subconscious may be able to get actual words out of that, if there’s words in there, especially when you’re sleeping, when you can’t easily counter the feelings they generate. That disrupts sleep and gets you depressed, I think it’s worth pressing on and find out what it is either way.


I know when I had first worked on the energy points (near) my physical ears I started hearing a high pitched (but volume was low) buzzing sort of sound when I went outside. It lasted a few days and I realized that it was coming from all the houses, like when I would go out for a walk I’d hear that noise whenever walking past houses or something. Stopped hearing it after awhile, but at the time my hearing was also SUPER sensitive. My street sounded like a race track and the first day I couldn’t even stand being in the house because radio/TV was REALLY loud. So yeah energy work, works!


I like that ty very much I needed to hear that

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Ty too I understand it now its drives you nuts lol

People report this is the occult a lot. I learned qiong 20 ish years ago, and never had an issue, but I learned it not the occult way - which seems to be to focus on specific point, usually out of context of the whole system.

I learned to open the kidney 1 and perineum points to ground first, as a basic safety procedure. Then the crown to connect with the cosmos. Then the microcosmic orbit, then cultivate to nowhere else but lower dan tian.
As lower dan tian and the microcosmic orbit gain strength, that’s how all other points get more energy. Never directly.

I think that’s why I never had any issues. People are basically doing what I was taught is dangerously imbalanced, and wondering why they get symptoms. You could attract anything from infections to deafness punpung energy direct without having a pressure release valve, as it were.

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Hi please pm me :slight_smile: I would like to ask you some things privately

The kidney point being located near one of the kidneys and im guessing the other one is also a organ/body part location?

NVM, looked it up.

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The Kidney meridian runs from the kidneys down the legs to the feet - Kidney 1 is the first point and is located in the center of each foot (you have two)
The Perineum point is called Hui Yin and is located between the anus and genitals. This is the best point to ground with is a seated posture.


Okay, it would be better to start with the feet? I looked up kidney 1 and the soles of the feet were mentioned, the meridian point there?

So if I wanted to work on “opening” up that point as you mentioned it’s a basic safety procedure… Would breathing and visualization exercises work well for that point? I also saw acupuncture (but I don’t feel like having tiny needles in/on me) and generally massaging the area?

Okay, I guessed about the other ones location. I happen to know a bit of anatomy lol. I’ll work on the kidney ones first.

I’m also geussing the meridian point isn’t towards the top of the foot? By that I mean the toes/top half – just because I know an entity did something to that area on my left foot that caused the energy from that area to go up my leg/to rest of body – so not sure if that had anything to do with the meridian.

Okay, I watched a video, and it said the point is right under where your big toe is, and the second toe - so under and between the two… Apparently just rubbing/massaging that area can help based on that. I’ll look up more, but that’s a simple exercise I can do.

Yes, but that’s a super quick job, and they generally stay open so you are continually grounded. Once you get the hang of putting your mind in these points, you can check them in a split second of mindfulness.

That works, If you feel they’re not opening or blocked/restricted, you can also use swordfingers from the top of your foot aiming through that point to gently sort of flush it, by intending energy to flow from the tips of your fingers through.

The only thing I would say, is not to stress about it, tension in the muscles restricts energy flow. A good ‘trick’ if you’re a bit tense is to simply smile - activate the parasympathetic system and relaxes you, also raises your vibrations :slight_smile:

Press your foot with a fingertip - the points are always the more tender spots, you can energetically feel it’s right, just trust yourself. :slight_smile:

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I won’t stress about it, I did try working on it today (but will try the sword finger technique just to compare). So it’s a regular maintenance type of thing? Which I mean energy work in general seems to be, something I should maybe take a few minutes a day or every couple of days to do?

I did feel a tingling sensation in my foot when I tried earlier but I think that’s part of my dumb foot clonus or whatever issue I got going on. Where I’ll get a tingling sensation that makes it hard to keep my left foot still. So I think that’s only a physical issue.

Doesn’t seem like something that is terribly complicated to maintain, however seems like something you’d want to maintain just like hygiene.

The point on the picture (thanks for providing the visual reference) is alittle lower then where I was trying. Still same area, seems like right between the two bones.

One more quick question, I know some places say (usually in reference to chakras) that something can be too open, just like it can be too closed. Is this something I need to worry about with the meridian’s?

I think it’s very beneficial and worth doing daily. This helps build psychic sensitivity. Qigong practitioners are sometime ‘warned’ about not getting ‘distracted’ by starting to see and hear the unseen :slight_smile: Doing it right before sleeping has as good an effect on dreams as dream herbs for me.
True, keeping your energy balanced and unrestricted is great for health and for your magick.

You can also take it a step further by adding into your daily meditation a bit of cultivation. Similar to pore breathing, mention on this forum somewhere by DK, and I call it “full body breathing” you can reach out with your mind to the furthest reaches of the cosmos, where the energy is clean and abundant, and breathe it in as if every pore was a tiny mouth, filling your body. On the out breath, compress it into your lower Dan Tian, which is the largest storage center in the abdomen.

This technique builds your energy, and as qi is sentient, if you have plenty and it can flow well through unrestricted meridians, it can take itself where it needs to go to keep you balanced. There are more techniques to get technical with it as well. Most valuable is the microcosmic orbit, and bringing the qi to the upper Dan Tan (3rd eye) to build your spirit.

No this isn’t a thing. I think what you don’t want is a “leak”, where energy is flowing away from you and you are becoming deficient in qi from the meridian(s) where the leak is.

In the astral, entities exist to clean up old discarded energy, a lot like woodlice, worms and fungi clean up dead leaves in a forest - some people call them leeches, some larvae… compounding the issues with a leak, leaks can attract these entities thinking it’s dead energy is to be cleaned up, and they get attached to you. This can leave you feeling drained and can make you sick because you don’t have enough, or balanced enough qi to maintain health. It’s more of a mistake than deliberate parasitism, so if you see them when you scan yourself, it’s easy to mentally pick them off and put them somewhere else. They’re small (like, football sized on me) and black, hence ‘leeches’.

I always figured “parasites” would be similar to the earth versions of them. I also figured that alot of their behavior is “instinctual” rather then deliberately malicious. Alot of folks on here and elsewhere seems to think astral parasites are “out to get them” or make a huge deal about it. Usually restoring to killing it or something else that I find to be overly dramatic. It’s like a bug in your house you find, why kill it when you can just put it outside or something…?

I’ll probably make it a daily thing, seems simple enough. At night is probably best.

Yeah I did notice that energy work naturally makes you more sensitive.

Thanks for the help! I probably should have worked on this sooner, but hey, now is better then never.

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I use the term to describe a behaviour where an entity is taking energy in a non-reciprocal and sustained manner long term.
I think there are lesser entities that are that kind of predator, but leeches aren’t technically one of them.

There’s also a grey area here, where someone’s subjective opinion of the benefit they are getting comes into play. I’ve seen people (not so much here but in some of the iffier Discord servers I’ve been in) where if the energy taken is returned as advice, and the person like the company, (like in some “spirit keeping” and “spirit companions”) then it’s up to them if they’re getting value and they tend not to call it parasitic, where, I would, because I can get advice for free (not being fed on) elsewhere.
So some people see Succubi and Incubi as parasites and some don’t. You could also call a sustained vampire/donor relationship parasitic the same way. It gets personal I guess.


Oof, yep there’s bunches of threads just for this very debate. Probably won’t be able to get into it too much without derailing – but I think it largely depends on the individual entity on if their gonna be parasitic, just like how any random person could have “parasitic” relationships with other humans.

I used to think the Ubi were parasitic just because of all the bad threads about them here/elsewhere but now I see it as a 50/50. Or even 75/25 on being parasitic or not. The ratio.

If we’re gonna end up derailing (if you want to even stay on this topic that is) then best pm, or something. Since I don’t wanna derail.


I agree. There’s a point where it becomes more symbiotic, but where that point lies probably depends on a lot of factors including just how people feel about it.

Your public profile is hidden so I can’t message you, but happy to chat on PM any time! We probably got to the end of that line of thought for now anyway :smiley:

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Oh, yeah I have that on hidden to deter unwanted random pm’s… Lol.

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