Chat Groups?

Are there any small-ish chat groups on here? I’d like to start forming bonds with like-minded individuals (not just occultist related but personality related too), but this forum has a large user base so it’s a little difficult to do it without conversing with small groups of people.


No, there are no “chat groups.”

However, once you have unlocked the ability to PM, you can create a group PM and add people to it (with their permission, of course) and chat that way.


Wouldn’t that be a group of people chatting?

Isn’t that the purpose of group chat/pm?

Yes, but it would be a closed group, by invite only.

You asked for chat groups, I assume with the intention of joining, and there are none that are open to all, as they tend to be created for a specific purpose and you need to be invited,

If you want to just chat, join one of the casual threads, like TMW or revive the established chat thread.


Welp, whenever you obtain the ability to pm people, (if you wanna make a small group chat that way) hit me up. I’d be interested in this.


Me too.

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If you want to talk, I’m around.


Have you already formed your group? :eyes: